The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Frozen Ink

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Chapter 191: The Sage Asks the Beasts’ Goal

After parting ways with the Great Spirit, I went to the lab’s underground.

Specifically, it was to the closed room without entrance.

It was the location where Gwen was imprisoned with several directors doing their tasks there.

At the center of the barrier, Gwen was laying down with a tired expression.

When she saw me, she weakly shook her hand.

“Hello, thank you for your hard work…”

“Are you okay?”

As she heard me, one of Gwen’s eyebrows twitched.

She then put a sarcastic smile on her face, and snorted after a little sigh.

“Out of all people, you’re the one asking me that? If you’re really worried about me, then please change your watchdog.”

“That’s impossible.”

“I guess so~ I knew that already, I really did.”

Gwen got up in a slow movement.

She talked to me as she leaned against the barrier.

“Although it might be too late to ask this, what happened to John Doe-san and Baruch-san?”

“Their egos collapsed and dissipated. They no longer exist.”

John and Baruch, who were revived and fought me in the spiritual world, were caught and put under severe restrains.

I left them as is for a while, but they self-destructed and now there are no more traces of them.

It seemed with Gwen’s ability no longer reaching them meant that they couldn’t maintain their existence for long.

Apparently, it was dangerous to stay in another individual’s spiritual world for an extended period of time.

Their self-destructed selves were melted and taken into me.

Perhaps because of that, I partially inherited John’s memories and Baruch’s shamanic power. 

Although I hadn’t mastered it yet, both of them would be useful.

I would like to make use of it in the future.

Gwen folded her arms as she listened to me.

She tilted her head in a relaxed manner.

“I guess that’s how they ended up after all. I thought they would be a good match against you, but it seems they weren’t powerful enough. Isn’t Havelt-san just too invincible?”

“I’m not invincible. A moment of weakness would likely kill me.”

Arrogance was the greatest enemy.

I have defeated enemies who let their guard down as they were sure of their victory several times.

All the heralds I’ve defeated until now actually possessed the power to kill me.

If something went wrong, it was possible I’d be defeated.

I had no intention of thinking of myself as invincible.

“By the way, why did you visit me today? Did you miss me already?”

“I have defeated all beasts in this continent. You’re the only one left.”

I said that as I ignored her joke.

Then Gwen’s smile deepened.

She happily licked her lips.

“—Hohou, that’s amazing. I guess it’s as expected of the Demon Lord.”

Gwen seemed to be in a good mood despite her comrades being slain.

She reacted as if she had been waiting for this report for a long time.

Perhaps she already expected this development the moment she got imprisoned.

Or maybe, she just is not interested in inferior beasts.

According to my experience fighting the beasts, Gwen was a great being even among the beasts.

Although all beasts which could become humanoid were all powerful, none of them were very strong.

At the very least, none were powerful enough to exceed her.

Gwen, whose expression suddenly disappeared, asked me.

“Are you going to kill me as well?”

“No, what I want is information. I want to know the goal of the beasts of the outer world.”

“Okay. I’ll tell you about it in this special occasion.”

Gwen agreed to my request.

Not only did she not worry, she seemed to want to talk by herself.

As expected, I was suspicious of her attitude and looked at her expression.

I couldn’t find anything suspicious and I couldn’t read her inner thoughts.

“…You are really cooperative here.”

“Then I’ll ask you instead, can you still be stubborn if you’re in my shoes? I could easily see that something ridiculous would happen if I kept insisting on silence.”

Gwen shifted her gaze toward the directors.

Those directors were working while having a really nice smile on their face.

The numbers of them were constantly changing, as they were moving back and forth through the walls and ceiling.

However, there was always more than one director to stay on watch.

They didn’t blink and kept their nice smiles on their faces.

Gwen had a bitter smile and embraced her own shoulder.

It was understandable that she was mentally exhausted.

This place was definitely not a relaxing environment.

However, I was thankful for the fact it made it easier for her to talk.

Perhaps the director had the talent for interrogation.

As long as it was related to research, it seemed that I could entrust such duty to her.

If it was her, she would be able to extract the information quickly.

Let us leave such issues for later.

This was something that should be decided in consultation with the executives.

“What is the goal of the beasts of the outer world?”

As I asked again, Gwen pointed at me.

She gave a fearless look as she uttered the answer.

“In short, our goal is the Demon Lord in this world — in other words, to consume you.”

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the Director can be proud for scare the shit out of Outer god lol