The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Cale

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Chapter 192: The Sage Gathers Information from the Beast

“To consume me, you say…?

Gwen’s words weren’t something I could simply ignore.

What had she just uttered?

I didn’t think I’d misheard her.

Gwen nodded happily many times.

“Yes! Strictly speaking, every beast has their personal agenda besides that, but it is true that everyone wants to eat you.”

“Why are you all aiming for me?”

“Why do you think we are? How about taking a guess?”

Gwen put her finger on her lips.

She was happily waiting for my answer.

I thought about the mystery presented to me.

I deepened my consideration based on the beasts’ ecology, my own peculiarity, and what I had heard so far.

Then I arrived at an answer.

“—Miasma, huh.”

“That’s right! As expected of Sage-san. So you’re good at solving quizzes too.”

Gwen applauded exaggeratedly.

She laughed out loud.

After a bout of brief laughter, she adjusted her breathing and began to explain.

“As you know, the source of our power is dark matter — an energy that closely resembles miasma. We live by ingesting it. I guess I might as well tell you a bit about us.”

Gwen confessed briefly and gave an overview of the beasts.

As a premise, the beasts from the outer world live beyond the sky — in the area known as outer space.

They live by ingesting the dark matter floating in space.

The beasts live in and invade various places, but something significant happened in outer space during these recent years.

It was the chronic depletion of miasma.

The beasts immediately fell into distress.

Although the strong individuals didn’t die, they were gradually getting weak.

“The dark matter is getting depleted. In response to such an emergency, we sought for a solution. And we managed to find hope.”

“And that’s me, huh.”

As Gwen explored the outer space, she somehow managed to find me.

She then decided to consume me, someone who possesses abundant miasma, and regain her power back.

And as preparation for that, it seemed she disseminated my information to the other beasts.

And from thereon, the invasion of this world began.

According to Gwen, the beasts had their own respective agendas.

Some sought new places to live, some sought more power, while some sought to spread their seeds. [T/N: Spread their seed, as in, mate or something to propagate.]

Although they had various motives, their main aim was still me.

It was because consuming me would make it easier for them to achieve their goal.

Gwen was also one of them.

She had spread mental pollution and sent the infected to the capital to gauge my abilities.

If the chance ever presented itself, she fully intended to consume me as it was.

“Havelt-san, your miasma is a wonderful thing. It is almost inexhaustible and of the highest quality, after all. Regardless of what treasures we have, it is still lacking in comparison to you. That’s why… it really stimulates my appetite.”

Gwen glared at me.

Her figure was about to lose its solidity, before returning to normal soon after.

It seemed to glitch ever since I robbed her of her power.

As Gwen sneezed, she smiled while wiping her nose.

“Well, that’s about it. Do you understand your own worth now?”

“Aah, I understand.”

I could finally perceive the whole picture of the conflict.

Gwen had given me appropriate information and I knew what I had to do.

With the untrustworthy beast in front of me, I had managed to grasp the clue for the solution.

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