The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Cale

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Chapter 193: The Sage Shows His New Power

It seemed Gwen was suspicious about how I was unperturbed by that; she peered at my face.

She then confirmed with half laughter.

“Eh, don’t tell me you really intend to fight? I’m sure the other parties will be wary of you by now and they’ll work together to fight against you.”

“I know. I am confident about winning despite that.”

I confidently declared so.

Gwen sighed and scratched her hair roughly.

“Seriously? It might sound like I am boasting, but we are considered to be high ranking existences, you know? Some stars even consider us as gods.”

“I’ve heard that the defense mechanisms of each continent could easily overwhelm those beasts though?”

“What they fought against were all just grunts. The truly strong beasts hide themselves carefully. They are just trying to gauge the strength of this star by using those grunts.”

“So there are beasts that are stronger than you?”

As I asked her, Gwen nodded.

She shrugged and looked at me.

“Of course there are~ I’m decently strong, but I don’t actually specialize in combat. I know my place well.”

“Even so, that’s not a problem. There’s the Demon Lord’s Army and I can handle it myself.”

“Wow, that’s quite the confidence you have there… Do you have a basis for that?”

“Of course I do.”

I transformed my shoulder and below into a tentacle.

After moving it about for several times, I returned it back to normal.

Gwen applauded with a surprised expression.

“Oh~ so you managed to learn how to control my ability?”

“I can manipulate it to some extent.”

The tentacles were particularly effective against the beasts.

Perhaps thanks to their former user Gwen, the tentacles could easily defeat the beasts, who were hardly affected by magic.

It had proved to be very helpful during the beast clean up in the continent.

On the other hand, Gwen glanced at me with a mocking expression and sighed.

“But Havelt-san, you are too naïve to be feeling relieved just by being able to use my ability. You might be able use various kinds of magic, but that alone won’t be—“ 

“Who said that that’s the only ability I have?”


Gwen tilted her head.

Instead of answering, I transformed the tentacle arm into something else.

It instantly turned into a metal band with a unique luster.

Eventually, the band changed into a tree-like structure, grew branches and bloomed.

The flowers turned into butterflies, flapped their wings and flew.

One stopped at my finger when I stretched it.

The butterfly then melted like a liquid, penetrated my finger and disappeared.

Along with that, all changes in my body were restored to normal.


Gwen was utterly astonished by the series of scenes.

She seemed to have understood what I just did.

I explained to her despite knowing that.

“Although only to a limited degree, I have learned to control the ability of the beasts that were sacrificed to the Valley of the Dead. I can handle them freely like this now.”

These powers, which I called as the beast’s abilities, possessed magic resistance as their greatest feature.

It made it hard to be able to resist as an attack, and was quite sturdy as a defense.

The fact that it was hardly affected by magic and would be hard to interrupt also couldn’t be overlooked.

However, these beasts’ abilities had their drawbacks.

First of all, it wasn’t a perfect reproduction of the ability.

I couldn’t expect the same amount of output as the original.

Secondly, the backlash of using it was great.

Repeated use would induce mental pollution.

Although it was convenient, it was strictly forbidden to rely too much on it.

As for its power, it should probably be greater than a forbidden spell.

Although the abilities were hard to use on their own, their true worth could be revealed when they were used together.

Of course, they would still be powerful even when used alone.

No matter how many high-ranked beasts remained, it wouldn’t be difficult to deal with them with what I had.

By combining the abilities with magic, it opened up various possibilities.

My power as a Demon Lord was rising without limit.

“This is the basis of my confidence. Do you understand?”

“You really are anomalous… It gives me a headache, really. It seems we really provoked the wrong opponent to fight against this time.”

Gwen, who was gazing as if she had given up on something, lied down lazily.

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