The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Cale

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Chapter 194: The Sage Follows the Evil Way

I left the rest to the director to handle and left the laboratory.

I could hear Gwen scream as I was leaving, but unfortunately for her, there was little I could do.

I could only pray that she would somehow maintain her own sanity.

Most of it was left to the discretion of the director.

As I returned to the audience hall of the royal castle, the crystal sitting next to the throne room caught my attention.

The remains of that person were floating inside.
It was the one scenery that had never changed ever since I had sealed it there.

No matter how much power I continued to accumulate, I could never resurrect her.

The keepsake sword was leaning against the crystal.

I picked up the sword silently.

I could feel the sensation of it fitting my hand.

It was formerly the beloved sword of the hero, which had now become the evil weapon of the Demon Lord.

After defeating numerous demonkin, the sword had now turned into a weapon of destruction for the heralds.

However, it was still being used for the sake of world peace.

That motive alone hadn’t changed.

Just like that person, I had taken this sword for the sake of world peace.

I could swear that it wasn’t a lie.

It was the same this time as well.

Although the circumstance this time was quite different, it was still being used to fight for the sake of the world.

The beings it was now cutting down had merely changed from the heralds to the beasts.

To think that I, who had started a war of aggression, am now standing up to kill the invaders from outside of the world…

The current situation made me want to laugh.

It was an ironic composition.

Sometimes I would wonder what I was, but I never arrived at a clear answer for that.

One thing I knew for certain was the duty I had to carry out.

The way to advance had been presented.

All I had to do was to run on it.

Just recently, I made an unexpected discovery.

It was about John Doe who had self-destructed in my spiritual world.

I had taken in his memory and peeked into it.

The world I saw there was one I didn’t recognize.

There were neither demons nor demonkin, and the technology over there was far more developed compared to this world.

In addition, it was blessed with abundant resources.

Some nations seemed poor, but they were still on the level where they could improve with a little push from the other nations.

However, the ugly conflicts among humans were spread all over the world.

They were killing each other endlessly for the sake of their respective interests.

Their great technology was focused on developing weapons, which was leading to a terrifying slaughter of both sides.

I was convinced again as I learned of that fact.

To achieve true world peace, a greater evil was necessary after all.

By having a common enemy, it would serve as the cornerstone for people to work together.

Those beasts from the outer world were a hindrance due to the extra confusion they brought with them.

It was necessary to eliminate them as soon as possible.

It was enough for me alone to be the sole evil.

It seemed the beasts thought of me as the finest quality of food.

I would teach them the truth about which of us hunted who.

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