The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 196: The Sage Detects the Pinnacle of the Beasts

I watched the Great Spirit.

Ever since the beasts’ turmoil, she began to be active within her main body.

It was because the condition for the manifestation of the defense mechanisms has been fulfilled.

In principle, she would possess Yuura whenever her main body was unable to play an active part.

But it was inconsistent with the current situation.

When I asked to that effect, the Great Spirit added a supplementary explanation.

“My main body is fighting in another place while I split my consciousness and possess Yuura at the same time.”

I was impressed when I heard that.

I did think that that would take a lot of skill, but she must be capable of it.1

Once I was convinced, we were back to our conversation.

“You said that there is no god, but what does that mean?”

“I mean it literally. That self-proclaimed god who descended on the other continent is a fake. That must be a beast of the outer world in disguise.”

“So it is like that after all.”

I already expected that somehow.

My perception magic had detected the self-proclaimed god.

It was an existence that carried a special power.

It gave off a reaction similar to holy aura, but it was miasma without a doubt.

In other words, that person was a beast.

He just cleverly disguised himself and acted like a god.

In that case, another question arose.

“So that false god killed his fellow beasts, huh.”

“Indeed. It seems that he switched policies to gain the trust of humans by using weaker beasts to show off.” 

“I see.”

The opinion of the Great Spirit naturally flowed out.

The force of the beasts was by no means led by a monolithic system.

This one in particular chose to tolerate some damage in anticipation of future developments.

By naming himself a god to ally with the humans, he’s using them to clash with the Demon Lord.

He must want the two forces to clash and reap the benefits later.

However, why do they want to earn human trust and form a collaborative relationship with them?

From the beasts’ perspective, humans were fragile existences.

It was hard to think that they wanted their help even at the cost of sacrificing their comrades.

In that case, the advantage of having humans as allies was limited.

I muttered as I soon got my answer.

“—So they’re aiming to get support from the Will of the World.”

“That should be the case. They understand how the system works and are likely trying to get the humans’ support to receive the boost from it.”

I recalled my conversation with Gwen in the spiritual world.

The beasts of the outer world seemed aware of the Will of the World.

But the way she said it implied that they had been hostile against something similar many times.

By taking my current strength into consideration, they decided to prepare countermeasures for it.

I asked another thing I was curious about.

“What about the other defense mechanisms?”

“Currently, they are only exterminating the dangerous beasts. There are no signs of them interfering with the false god.”

They were being strangely passive about it.

I thought that a defense mechanism would react immediately to such actions.

“Why is that?”

“Because the false god declared his target being only you. Since it’s not directly related to the survival of the world, it’s not our job to annihilate it.”

The answer of the Great Spirit was hard to accept.

Therefore, I pursued the question doggedly.

“Those beasts are likely to gain great power and become a threat to the world after my death. And yet they chose to wait for the situation despite that?”

“Most of the defense mechanisms have exhausted their emotions after living for far too long. Many of them consider themselves as devices and can’t act flexibly.”

The thing that the Great Spirit confessed was like admitting to the reality of the flaws in their existence.

Although I couldn’t tell how she felt inside, I doubted that she was happy about it.

After I fell silent, I awkwardly asked to confirm.

“…In other words, I can’t expect the help of another defense mechanism.”

“That’s right. You have no choice but to deal with it using the strength of the Demon Lord’s Army.”

“I understand.”

I nodded and put my thoughts together.

I was able to grasp the whole picture.

Anyway, the false god was someone I needed to defeat.

Among the reactions I picked up from the perception magic, he gave out the strongest reaction.

Not only did he blatantly stand as the leader of humans, he was trying to subdue the Demon Lord despite being an invader.

Although I didn’t know his intentions for gaining my miasma, I doubted that it would be anything good.

I had no choice but to stop him.

The action I needed to take was confirmed.

All that remained was to take the time and situation into account then start moving.

The moment of a decisive battle was approaching.

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