The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Frozen Ink

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Chapter 197: The Sage Worries About the World’s Circumstances

Three days later.

The false god began to move in earnest outside the continent. 

He put together several nations, forming a coalition army.

The coalition army immediately began to travel to the sea.

They must be aiming at my location on this continent.

They were quite large in terms of force, and there were several people comparable to heralds participating in the war.

It seemed that they really intended to destroy me.

To think that heralds, who were supposed to protect humanity, ended up helping the invaders…

Although I was frustrated by this fact, I couldn’t really criticize it.

The circumstances just couldn’t be helped.

For better or for worse, the Will of the World reflected mankind’s ideas.

Even though heralds emerged among them, it didn’t necessarily improve the situation.

Due to its very nature, it might lead humanity to destruction.

The thing that was happening right now was an easy to understand example of it.

The awakened heralds were voluntarily helping the beasts’ side.

It made one feel the depth of humanity’s karma.

The problem wasn’t the invasion by the coalition army alone.

They began to demand assistance and supplies from the nations in this continent.

It was coercion under the guise of cooperation.

They also declared a monopoly over the resources of the Demon Lord’s territory.

Naturally, the nations within the continent rejected their demands.

It was an order without prior notice after all.

Even with the goal of subduing the Demon Lord, that would mean they would have to let foreign army pass through their territory, which wasn’t desirable for many reasons.

Above all, their arrogant attitude strongly repulsed the nations within the continent.

Some of the nations who rejected their demands had deployed their armies to the sea.

Their intent was to prevent them from landing.

According to spies, they were even considering intercepting them.

The nations within the continent would be glad if the Demon Lord were destroyed.

However, they hated the coalition army more than the Demon Lord.

They must find it unacceptable to be deprived of their right to the Demon Lord’s territory.

It was likely that fierce battles would happen even within the continent.

Once the armies from beyond the sea joined in, the situation would become even more chaotic.

If nothing was done to mitigate this, there was a risk of wars breaking out from beyond and within the continent.

It was a difficult situation.

Because of that, the Demon Lord’s Army had to take immediate action.

This is troublesome. They didn’t move as I expected them to.

As I watched the preparations being done by the Demon Lord’s Army for the sortie, I suppressed the bitterness I was feeling.

This was a training ground set up around the capital.

Although it was a considerable distance from the sea, I didn’t need to worry about moving them since I could just transfer them there.

A large number of ships were being prepared at the training ground.

They were armed with equipment under assumption for naval combat.

“It’ll be a big war! You guys, don’t die on me!”

Henry was trying to improve morale through his instructions.

Thanks to that, the soldiers seemed to be doing well.

The tension on the field was being maintained with appropriate measures.

Diella stood next to me.

She stood proudly as she watched the state of the Demon Lord’s Army.

She was going to participate in this war as well.

During the time where we were focused on beast eradication, Diella was tasked for the defense of the capital.

She was practically just on standby at the base.

She seemed dissatisfied with that and offered to participate in the current war.

“By the way, is it really okay to leave the other beasts alone?”

“No problem. I’ve already made the necessary arrangements.”

I had asked the other defense mechanism to annihilate the other beasts through the Great Spirit.

I told them I would defeat the false god.

Some defense mechanisms agreed to this and proceeded to continue their fight in the various nations.

Although they were an inflexible existence, I could tell they would make their move if it was what they were supposed to do.

After explaining that to Diella, she groaned in an unsettling manner.

“To think that rockhead actually made her move…she didn’t do that during my time as the Demon Lord, you know?”

“I have no choice but to believe in the Great Spirit’s being swayed. If the situation calls for it, I would just take the world as hostage to force them to move.”

“…That’s quite a nasty method you got there.”

“It’s a necessary measure.”

As we conversed, I used perception magic.

The coalition army was just approaching the continent.

By this time, they could probably see the shores of this continent.

The war was about to begin.

I had to stop the battle between the humans.

I wasn’t omnipotent.

I would tolerate some sacrifices, but I would make use of their lost lives.

I wouldn’t waste them.

—I will bring peace to this world.

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