The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 199: The Sage Watches Over the Previous Demon Lord

The ships of the coalition army fell back into the sea one after another.

They raised the waters into rippling waves as they capsized.

Some of them even collided with other ships and caused collateral damage.

Although considerable damage seemed to have been inflicted in an instant, the size of the coalition army was enormous.

Considering their total numbers, the damage inflicted was likely insignificant.

The remaining ships then began to fire at Diella.

“Kuhahah, show me how you resist against my might!”

Diella took her stance midair as she laughed.

She brought out an unfamiliar spear which she seemed to have prepared herself.

As she swung it about, the approaching shells were cut down one after another.

Diella didn’t use any magic.

It was purely defense through martial prowess.

It was a scene detached from common sense in various ways.

As Diella conjured her armor using her ability, she rushed into the fray with meteor-like speed and landed on a ship deck.

The roar of impact broke everything on its path.

The unfortunate ship broke in half and sank as well.

From there, Diella pierced the other ships with the chains of light and moved three dimensionally.

Along the way, several chains were also launched into the air, piercing the airships and making them crash.

As the screams of the soldiers echoed, the ships exploded when they landed on the surface of the sea.

By that time, Diella was already producing casualties on another ship.

That’s a terrific battle…

I was honestly impressed.

She wasn’t known as the previous Demon Lord for nothing, after all.

Humanoid beasts were mixed among the troops of the coalition army, and they tried to defeat Diella with their power.

However, they were killed the same way as common soldiers.

Their power simply wasn’t enough to be a challenge for Diella.

The chains of light used by Diella was a sacred magic granted by the Will of the World to the Saint.

It was way more powerful compared to normal holy magic, and it was an ability manifested to kill me.

In other words, it contained the power to obliterate undead and miasma.

For the beasts of the outer world, which live by consuming miasma, that kind of attack was fatal.

They would die in an instant if they got caught in a direct hit of the chain.

To begin with, the chains were hard to avoid, and normal defenses would just get pierced through.

Even if they managed to avoid that, a thrust from Diella’s spear awaited them.

Diella was a master of spears.

She possessed a skill great enough to compete against that person’s swordsmanship upfront.

In other words, even if they managed to get close, Diella was still practically invincible.

As the beast lacked proper countermeasures against her, they were defeated one after another.

I secretly retrieved their bodies and transferred them away to the Valley of the Dead.

The Demon Lord’s Army, who were lacking things to do, was watching from a distance.

I gave them the command to rush in and attack once the chance arose, but it was currently still Diella’s solo performance.

It would be best to just let her do all she likes right now.

Some time passed as we watched her.

Eventually, she talked to me through telepathy.

“Hey, Dwight.”


“I’ll be using a big move now. I’ll leave the defense of the Demon Lord’s Army to you.”

“What do you mean by—“

Before I could ask for more details, Diella took action.

She jumped up high and landed safely on an airship.

She then raised her spear upwards.

Her spear showed strange magical movements.

It seemed to follow some sort of pattern before the light began to blink.

Then, hundreds of translucent tubes grew from her spear.

The tubes wriggled and folded around Diella to form something.

It was a mountain-sized human skeleton.

The translucent human skeleton fell from the sky while wrapping around Diella and, when it landed, the surface of the sea went up only to its waist.

It produced a raging wave, swallowing the ships of the coalition army and sinking them.

I used protection magic to prevent the wave from reaching the Demon Lord’s Army.

The human skeleton grabbed an airship and ignored the bombardment aimed at it as it slammed its fist towards the nearby ships.

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