The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 200: The Sage is at a Loss for Words for His Subordinate

The human skeleton formed out of tubes roared hoarsely.

Diella, who was inside its chest, enhanced the magical reaction even more.

Then, scales and carapaces began to emerge around her, covering the human skeleton as if to fill it with flesh.

The result was a giant made out of scales.

While magic power circulated inside the tube, chains of light were also wrapped around each spot.

Is this… a pseudo golem?

I was stunned at the sight, which was beyond my imaginings.

There was no doubt about it.

It was a golem with Diella as its core.

The golem swung up one arm and swept away the coalition army’s seabound ships.

Chains of explosions were produced, and the wreckage of the crushed ships flew into the air along with its passengers.

The golem caused a massive amount of damage even though it merely shook its arm.

The ships of the coalition army desperately bombarded and shattered the scales on the surface of the golem.

However, there were still shells beneath the scales.

So they merely burnt the armor slightly without doing any significant damage.

“It’s not effective! Attack me more fiercely!”

Diella’s voice echoed.

As a counterattack, the golem slammed the palm of its hand down and the ships splintered mercilessly.

The impact also produced large waves, further disrupting the coalition army’s formation.

“How is it, Dwight? I’m cool right now, right!?”

Diella exclaimed in a good mood.

I pressed my fingers to my temple as if I had a headache.

It wasn’t like I was under a spiritual attack.

But it could probably be due to psychological distress.

“…As expected of you.”

“Isn’t it, isn’t it? But this is just the beginning.”

“What did you say?”

Just as I said that apprehensively, a magical reaction approached at high speeds from far away.

The thing that flew across the sky was a huge spear.

It was made at a scale that fit the golem.

When I observed a little more closely, the main material of the spear were Diella’s scales and shells.

“Great! It arrived as requested!”

The golem grabbed the spear and rotated it in a familiar manner.

The tip of the spear shattered the airships into dust, then the spear was swung down towards the sea.

The knockback was strong enough that some ships were caught in the impact and dragged to the bottom of the sea.

Then a metal cylinder flew in, attaching itself to the golem’s forearm.

The golem held out its arm.

Magic power concentrated on the cylinder, then unleashed a light ray.

The ships within its trajectory were instantly reduced to charcoal.

According to my perception magic, the ray seemed to continue over a long distance beyond sight.

Then, the golem swung the spear again.

It destroyed the ships which were spared from the light ray, and the flying ships were knocked down like flies.

That’s too absurd…

The golem revealed its overwhelming violence.

There was neither reservation nor hesitation there.

It was an embodiment of absurdity, creating a storm of slaughter.

That golem wasn’t made out of magic.

The weapon Diella carried initially seemed to be a spear, but I couldn’t recognize it after all.

That was definitely not something Diella could’ve created by herself.

Somebody gave her their full cooperation.

There were only a few people with such genius skills and ideas.

And there was only one figure that came to my mind.

As I was convinced that a certain person was responsible for developing it, I proceeded to connect telepathically to that person.

“…Can you hear me?”

“Oh! Isn’t this Demon Lord-sama! Do you need something from me?!”

That joyfully loud voice belonged to the director.

I immediately asked her a question.

“Diella is rampaging with an unfamiliar weapon right now. Are you involved with its creation?”

“Yes! I was consulted about it a while ago, so I specifically made the things she requested!”

As the director easily admitted her involvement, she began to proudly explain it.

As I had guessed, the initial spear seemed to be the starting point for the pseudo golem.

That spear was said to have the function of using lives it has reaped — the souls as material to form a skeleton.

Then, with the addition of scales and carapaces from Diella’s power, the weapon would be completed.

In other words, it was an armament for a decisive battle exclusively for Diella.

The armament that flew and equipped on her included Diella’s magic power and scales as a material, so it was possible to summon it from a distance.

“The request I received from Diella-san was ‘I want to fit as much of my ideals  as you possibly can into it,’ so I was enthusiastic about making it too!”

“I see…”

Many advanced technologies were used luxuriously on that pseudo golem.

I briefly pondered on when the director possibly had the time to develop that, but then I remembered that the director was currently split into multiple existences.

With the abundant resources she had access to, she could make such a thing if she felt like it.

As I was looking at Diella’s unparalleled scene of destruction, I sensed that the distant troops from within the continent were turning back. 

It seemed that after witnessing that pseudo golem, they chose to evacuate to avoid getting caught in it.

Apparently, they decided that intercepting the coalition army was no longer necessary.

My original plan was to prevent contact between the two forces.

While we were buying time, Luciana’s unit was supposed to paralyze the coalition army’s logistical support and capture them when their path of retreat was cut off.

Things had greatly changed from my initial plan, but I had no choice but to proceed as it was.

I connected telepathically to Doldar, who was standing by on the ship.

“I’ll leave this place to you. I want you to find an opportunity to start repelling and pursuing the coalition army.”

“That sounds too simple of a job, so much so that I might yawn.”

Doldar, who seemed to have maintained his lucidity from Diella’s performance, responded in a sullen tone.

He was close to invincible at sea.

It should be alright to leave this area to him.

“Oh, weak men and beasts, fear me…!”

While listening to the voice of the previous Demon Lord, who was immersed in the pleasures of combat, I transferred to the next battlefield.

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