The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 201: The Sage Goes to the False God

The transfer destination was the continent where the coalition army came from.

I was in the sky, above the base established on the coast, overlooking the situation below.

There were soldiers of the coalition army was spread throughout the area.

The sound of swords clashing and the explosive sounds of magic were echoing here and there. 

They were fighting against the Demon Lord’s Army.

It was the unit led by Luciana.

Luciana’s unit was brilliantly hindering the enemy lines.

The battlefront of the coalition army and their chain of command collapsed.

The base, which was originally entrusted to prepare additional forces and supply support, was completely paralyzed.

Far from being able to play their supposed role, they were either being captured or killed one after another.

It seemed that the beasts of the outer world were mixed among the humans here by assuming a human form, but the Demon Lord’s Army was handling them appropriately.

They were able to beat them efficiently using the spell I taught them.

For the more dangerous situations, undead units were to be sent to the forefront to avoid casualties of living people.

Their regular training seemed to have bore fruit.

Nicely done. I guess only the finishing blow is left.

I cast a forbidden spell to support them.

I conjured a huge barrier that separated the sea from the shore all the way to the other side.

This would make it impossible for the enemy base to support the coalition army at sea.

At the same time, the coalition army at sea couldn’t return to the continent.

This was all according to the plan.

Henry, Doldar, and Diella were in charge of the battlefield at sea.

They should be able to easily defeat the impoverished coalition army.

It didn’t matter even if the beasts were mixed in.

They could proceed to devote themselves to defending the sea as it was.

I continued to cast another forbidden spell.

Many arrows of light were projected from the empty air.

As each of them flew down as if attracted by something, they pierced the beasts on the ground.

Even as the beasts pierced by the arrows tried to counterattack, they couldn’t move.

The miasma in their bodies was being decomposed at high speeds, resulting in a dysfunction of their being.

Then, I summoned undead on that spot.

The undead began to act on impulse, pushing down the beasts and beginning to devour as they killed the beasts.

Some undead were destroyed due to the effects of the beasts’ special abilities, but that was trivial collateral.

I exercised my authority over the corpses of the coalition army’s soldiers scattered around.

Those corpses were raised again as undead and attacked their former allies.

With that, the damage would spread as the number of my subordinates increased.

It shouldn’t take long before this base is completely incapacitated.

Most of the soldiers had already fallen into the hands of the Demon Lord’s Army.

There was no need for me to act personally here anymore.

I would invade further from here.

I would skip all the bases along the way and confront the false god at once.

Although I was far from the Demon Lord’s territory, I wasn’t worried.

The defense of the Demon Lord’s territory, as well as the whole continent, was entrusted to Grom, Logan, and Yuura.

I also asked them to exterminate the beasts that sneaked in and to suppress the turmoil in various places.

If it was them, they should be able to handle it.

However, Logan alone was to remain in the castle and become the command point.

This was also an important role.

Although Grom and Yuura might run out of control if they were careless, Logan should be able to rein them in pretty well.

There was also the Great Spirit in case of an emergency, so my absence wasn’t a major problem.

Because they were there, I could be assured and acted.

“Luciana, can you hear me?”

“Yes, do you need something?”

When I talked to her through telepathy, Luciana waved her hand from the ground.

I could see that she was happy even from a distance.

“Occupy the base as it is. The coalition army will try to recapture it, but I want you to prevent them from taking it back. Once you find it difficult, you can withdraw.”

“Okay, leave it to me. It’ll be easy.”

Luciana replied fearlessly.

It was a really heartening response.

She didn’t have the personality to affirm something she wasn’t sure of.

It was the response she gave because she was convinced she could control the place.

It’s about time for the decisive battle.

Once I slaughter the false god, the infamy of the Demon Lord would finally spread all over the world.

That was still the plan for the future, but there was nothing I could do about it right now.

It was because the beasts’ forces, including the false god, imposed all their sins on me.

Since it has come this far, I would let the world know of it.

It was a good opportunity too, so I might as well make use of it instead.

I used perception magic and uncovered the exact whereabouts of the false god.

The reaction was concealed, but I could identify it quickly if I focused.

It seemed that he was in the territory of a nation which was included in the coalition army.

It just happened to be the capital of that said nation as well.

“Demon Lord-sama, be careful.”

“I know. I’ll return soon.”

“Have it your way. I’ll be awaiting good news.”

After bidding my farewells to Luciana, I proceeded toward the false god.

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