The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 202: The Sage Destroys Hope

I relied on perception magic to transfer and arrived in front of the open main gate.

The cityscape of the capital spread out beyond.

There were no traces of war, and the fine buildings showed off its rich lifestyle.

However, there was something strange about this place.

I couldn’t see any people at all who should’ve filled this city.

The streets were quiet, lending an unnatural lifeless state to the city.

On another hand, I already knew where those people went.

Apparently, they were gathered in the center of the capital.

Although I didn’t know what they were doing there, I could feel a strong miasma swirling there.

Despite the unpleasant premonition, I transferred to that spot.

And I was speechless at the sight in front of me.

Hundreds of thousands of people were prostrating uniformly before a shining, golden tower.

They were rubbing their heads against the ground and expressing their gratitude towards it.

The thing they surrounded and worshiped merely stood there conspicuously, as if breaking the harmony of the capital.

I observed the golden tower.

Human faces and limbs emerged on the surface of the tower.

Was it anguish or pleasure depicted there?

The expressions were distorted, making it difficult to judge.

In the front row, several people stood up from their prostrating positions.

As they approached the tower and clung onto it, as if being drawn, they were swallowed by it as they were.

They soon emerged as part of the tower’s various faces.

People moved forward once the front row disappeared.

And the next row of people were swallowed in the same manner.

Such a thing repeated earnestly.
They didn’t care about my existence and continued to sacrifice themselves one after another.

It was clear that they weren’t sane at the moment.

What the heck is this…?

I was astonished by the nauseating sight.

The tower itself was the false god.

The extraordinary miasmic reaction it exuded was undeniably what I was sensing.

The pinnacle of the beasts of the outer world was exuding a convincing divine atmosphere.

I could feel a gaze from the tower.

I couldn’t pinpoint its emotions but it seemed that it was just gazing naturally.

At the very least, I couldn’t feel any hostility.

The false god seemed intent on absorbing all the people here.

I could somehow predict its reason.

It wished to devour the wishes and the worship of the people in its entirety.

And it aimed to be in a state as close as possible to a singularity.

The current existence of the false god could be considered as a group of people.

In turn, these countless people could also be considered as the false god.

The people absorbed by that tower sought their own well-being.

To them, peace was the survival of the false god. 

In other words, it was synonymous with achieving victory by destroying the Demon Lord.

The prayer of these people would affect the Will of the World.

As a result, the false god would be strengthened to an absurd degree.

Obviously, there were tons of people who weren’t present here, but still worshiped the false god and wished for the Demon Lord’s destruction.

This force would allow greater absurdity than ever before to come into being.

It was a strategy making use of their good understanding over the inner workings of the Will of the World.

By becoming the embodiment of the source of people’s prayers, they could operate such a mechanism at their convenience.

I was sure they had done similar things in the past.

It was no doubt that the false god accumulated its power this way.

It’s doubtful that I can refer to it as false anymore, though.

It would be an enemy belonging to a different dimension compared to all I had fought before.

I was in a situation where the Will of the World itself bore its fangs directly at me.

So much so, it felt like too much of a profanity to be used against a mere individual known as myself.

It could even be said that it was an act of rebellion against god.

”—Even so, I will overcome it.”

I drew the keepsake sword from my waist and pointed its tip towards the golden tower.

I already decided from that day I walked out the Valley of the Death, that I would achieve world peace by any means necessary.

If needed, I would even slaughter god.

It was my duty to stay as the eternal evil.

If the false god was left alone, it would eventually swallow the world itself.

In other words, it was an existence that led to the end of peace.

It must be destroyed here.

As I became determined, I began to approach the golden tower.

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