The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 206: The Sage Runs Towards the Tower

I sprinted.

At that time, I also applied both wind magic and physical reinforcement magic to accelerate myself further.

The tentacles rushed in my direction.

They were trying their best to stop me.

They’re quite a threat, but there’s no problem.

I made use of the newly supplied miasma and exuded it using the authority of the Demon Lord.

As both forces collided, my miasma came out superior.

The tentacles began to rot from their tips, raising smoke as they liquefied.

They didn’t hurt me anymore as I ran in between the rotting tentacles.

The golden tower vibrated and something was launched from its surface at high speeds.

It was a translucent sphere.

I hit it with a slash of the keepsake sword.

The sphere was split in two and touched the ground behind me.

The spot it made contact with burst and turned into fine dust.

It seemed that a strong concept of destruction was imbued in that sphere.

However, that wasn’t effective against the swordsmanship of that person.

That fact was reassuring enough and filled me with relief.

The rotting tentacles ignored their damages and rushed at me again.

However, since the pseudo golem helped me deal with it, they were easier to handle compared to before.

I cut off the tentacles and jumped into the midst of rotting tentacles.

I used them as a foothold and pushed forward.

On the way, I heard an explosive noise in the distance.

The pseudo golem was caught in a large amount of tentacles and damaged by them.

It seemed that the chains of light and Henry’s bow couldn’t keep up with the tentacles’ momentum.

The collapsing giant resisted all it could, trying to reduce my burden as much as possible.

I must help… No, that’s not it.

The thing I must do wasn’t to rescue them.

It was to keep moving forward as I was.

I shouldn’t waste the efforts of those two.

I shot out black flames using a forbidden spell and burned the tentacles in front of me.

Moreover, I created many barriers to bulldoze past the chasing tentacles.

I needed to secure my path forward.

Tentacles that managed to squeeze through the gaps of the barrier were cut down with the keepsake sword.

Occasionally, I used transfers to push forward even more.

By the time I noticed, my surroundings were filled with rotten tentacles.

I couldn’t see anything else beyond them.

The raging miasma stimulated my senses.

It seemed that the false god was trying to corrupt me.

I defended myself using the power supplied by the Valley of the Dead.

I ignored the trivial details and kept pushing forward. [T/N: trivial details as in, changes that his senses perceive.]

Minor hesitation and pain would lead to misjudgment.

In this exchange, which I didn’t know when it would end, I needed to consciously keep pushing forward.

And at the moment when my sense of time disappeared, I finally broke through the tentacled protection.

The golden tower loomed before me.

The human faces on its surface were constantly groaning.

By using a series of short transfers, I ran up the tower vertically.

While avoiding the translucent spheres launched at me, I eventually reached the top of the tower as it was.

With the keepsake sword in hand, I declared to the tower.

“—This is the end.”

I aimed the blade at the tower and continued to let it slice through using the momentum of gravity.

The sword that had once slain the Demon Lord traversed down the golden tower that was filled with miasma.

It felt like I was cutting through butter.

Although the tower looked splendid, it was surprisingly fragile.

It represented the essence of the tower.

After landing on the ground, I swung off the translucent liquid and sheathed it back.

I raised my gaze as I remembered the sensation of cutting the tower.

The golden tower exposed a thin line of light at the spot where the blade passed through.

The line gradually expanded, and the tower itself tilted accordingly.

It started to split in half from the top.

Its collapse couldn’t be prevented anymore.

The beast which was worshiped with hope, fell down as it turned over.

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