The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 208: The Sage Enjoys the Banquet

Two days later, a victory banquet was held in the capital.

All the beasts of the outer world had been subdued.

With the removal of the cause of the turmoil, a brief period of peace had been brought to the continent.

A festival was also held in the castle town, and it seemed to be quite lively.

The people of various races spent their time in cheerful manners.

I was in a room in the castle.

This was a space where only a few people were allowed entry.

I thought it would be more serene and enjoyable.

But it seemed that such an expectation was greatly off the mark.

“Dwight! Oi, Dwight!”

The one who walked in large strides with a glass in hand was Diella.

She was laughing with a flushed expression.

It seemed that the liquor was affecting her to some extent.

Diella staggered and collapsed.

I casted a barrier before she could hit the ground.

Diella, who was stuck in the barrier, stood up dissatisfied.

I asked her a question.

“What is it?”

“It’s time to raise a toast!”

With that said, Diella shook her glass expectantly.

I also raised my glass in hand and Diella happily swung her arm down.

The glasses collided and a high-pitched sound echoed.

Diella was unable to control her strength because she was drunk.

Had the glass not been reinforced prior, it would have shattered in a flashy manner.

Diella was caught in the explosion of the pseudo golem, but she was fine as it was.

She managed to survive on her own from the wreckage of the golem, which was broken beyond repair.

Henry also survived, and was now shoving liquor at Logan.

Logan seemed to be quite annoyed, but he reluctantly accepted.

Perhaps he just found it even more troublesome to refuse.

I looked around the room.

Doldar and Yuura were present here earlier, but they were attending the banquet with the soldiers of the Demon Lord’s Army now.

As I checked on them using clairvoyance magic, the banquet over there seemed to be just as lively.

Luciana, who sat in the corner seat, enjoyed her wine while gazing at the night view.

“You have a fretful expression as usual.”

Diella said that as she looked at me.

For some reason, her gaze seemed to be filled with pity.

“I’m made of bones, so my expression won’t change.”

“That’s not what I meant. You sure got a stiff head there.”

Diella sighed exaggeratedly.

A big shadow appeared behind her.

It was Grom, who was on the verge of unleashing the rage that dwelled in the flames of his eye sockets.

“Predecessor, what a rude thing you said to Demon Lord-sama—“

“I’m Dwight’s senpai! So I can do whatever I want!”

“Gunu, what sophistry…”

Grom stepped back in regret.

Although, just because she was the previous Demon Lord, it didn’t mean she could do whatever she wanted.

It was an excuse that was less than sophistry.

However, Grom seemed to be under pressure from Diella’s blatant claim anyway.

I erased my presence and casually sneaked away.

Diella and Grom were arguing.

So it was the correct decision to leave them alone until they calmed down.

I went towards Luciana.

She glanced at the two with a surprised expression.

“Both of them are always quarreling. They really are childish and troublesome.”


I silently stared at Luciana.

She didn’t seem to be joking.

I had the impression that she was the person who argued with Grom the most.

And I remembered it happening in the early days when I became the Demon Lord.

“Demon Lord-sama, did you think of something rude just now?”

“…It’s just your imagination.”

I shook my head and denied it.

Luciana had a keen sixth sense.

I shouldn’t think of unnecessary things.

After that, we enjoyed the night view while chatting lightly.

Luciana stood up from her seat after she finished her wine.

“Well then, I’ll go visit my subordinates. Demon Lord-sama, make sure you enjoy the banquet, okay?”


When I nodded, Luciana exited through the door.

As if to switch people, a presence appeared behind me.

The presence didn’t belong to one of the executives.

As I turned around, I saw the Great Spirit standing there.

I asked her as I hid my confusion.

“Why are you here?”

“Did it bother you?”

“That’s not what I meant. I just didn’t expect you to come.”

It sure was a weird sight to have the Great Spirit present at the banquet.

I didn’t expect her to come even if I invited her.

We did cooperate against a common enemy this time, but we wouldn’t consider our relationship as allies.

We merely lacked the reason to be hostile to each other.

I placed an empty glass in a nearby spot.

I poured fruit liquor in there and gave it to the Great Spirit.

“Want a drink?”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

As the Great Spirit received the glass, she leaned it against the approximate location of her mouth. [T/N: remember, the Great Spirit has no face feature, as in, no mouth, nose, eyes, etc. so it’s merely an approximate location where her mouth possibly be if that face has human features, not that there actually is a visible mouth there.]

The glass’ contents gradually decreased.

As the Great Spirit let go of the glass, she cut straight to the topic.

“Thank you for your help this time. Thanks to it, we managed to annihilate the beasts of the outer world.”

“I’m also grateful for your help.”

I replied honestly.

It was truly how I felt.

Without the Great Spirit, the damage likely would have been greater.

It was lucky for me that she took the initiative to move.

“What about the other defense mechanisms?”

“Most of them have returned to slumber as they have finished their duties. Some of them wouldn’t wake for the next few hundred years. I will also go to sleep. If there’s something I need, I will contact you through Yuura.”

“I see.”

The goal of the defense mechanisms was to protect the world.

With the threat of the beasts gone, it would no longer be possible for them to manifest freely.


The Great Spirit turned silent.

She stood there as she looked around the room.

It somehow felt awkward.

So I inquired of her intentions.

“Is there something else?”

“No, there’s nothing.”

The appearance of the Great Spirit who quickly replied with that seemed to fade.

Just as I thought she might disappear just like that, she suddenly spoke out.

“I almost forgot one thing. I would like to give you some advice. The power you have gained is great, but please be careful when you use it.”

“Because it could make me a target of the defense mechanisms.”

As I answered that, the Great Spirit nodded.

She murmured after a short pause.

“I don’t want to be hostile to you.”

“I also have the same opinion.”

“It’s fine then. I’m sorry for disturbing you during your banquet.”

The Great Spirit disappeared fully this time.

I couldn’t sense her presence anymore. 

She should have gone to sleep somewhere.

“Commander, this is bad! Logan has collapsed! Please heal him with magic!”

It was Henry’s voice.

As I looked in his direction, I saw Logan being shaken desperately by Henry.1

Logan looked like a corpse.

Perhaps it was because he drank too much.

As I stood from my seat, I walked towards them.

“…Aah, I understand.”

Although the Demon Lord’s Army had overcome the greater predicament, there were still many problems.

But a break like this was necessary sometimes.

I should enjoy this time for now.

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