The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Geli

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Chapter 209: The Sage Plans to Advance Further

That day, I was relaxing in a room in the castle.

It was an entertainment room that was set up a while ago.

Diella and Henry were in the room as well.

The two were sitting across from each other at the table with a serious expression.

On the table, there were boards evenly divided by a number of squares.

White and black pieces were arranged irregularly, and the two moved them alternatively.

This was a game that reproduced war at a reduced size.

It was something made using things from John Doe’s memories, which was then independently improved by the executives.

As for the context, it was about the war between the Demon Lord’s Army and the human army.

The Demon Lord’s Army begins with a small number of pieces at the beginning.

However, they gain an undead unit when they defeat the enemy’s unit.

By synthesizing the undead units, one could create a more powerful unit or revive the defeated undead.

In addition, some units have a characteristic that makes them only vincible by specific units.

By the end of the game, there would be an overwhelming number of units, making them a strong faction to overrun others, especially during the late stages of the game.

The human army, on the other hand, begins with a large number of units.

Many units have special moves, and there are also those which have special abilities.

Moreover, the more they were driven into adversity, the more likely they would awaken as heralds.

They were obviously strong during the start of the game, but they weren’t weak in the late game either.

Recently, this game was popular among the Demon Lord’s Army.

Everyone competed using various ingenuities. 

It seemed to be a simple game at first glance, but this wasn’t something to be underestimated.

It would foster people’s strategic minds, and became popular as it was learning while having fun at the same time.

“Nunuu, this phase is…”

“Hurry up. Didn’t you say not to take a long time to think?”

The battle between Diella and Henry was heated.

I paid attention to the developments on the board.

Currently, Henry, who commanded the human army, was dominant.

He created various units of heralds and steadily reduced the forces of the Demon Lord’s Army one after another.

Eventually, the match was decided.

In the end, the situation didn’t overturn and Henry won.

On the board, the human army pushed on the front and defeated the Demon Lord’s units.

Diella was lying on the floor.

She flailed her limbs wildly, loudly complaining for a rematch.

“The Demon Lord’s Army was too weak! I will use the human army this time! I won’t lose in that case!”

It was a sentence that shouldn’t come from the previous Demon Lord, but I guessed it would be boorish of me to retort.

That just showed how absorbed she was with the game.

She already lost five times in a row and switched factions every time it happened, but let’s not think too deeply about it.

As I watched them rearrange the game pieces, I crossed my arms.

…It’s a peaceful scene.

I looked out the window.

People went to and from the castle town in the afternoon.

As they led a prosperous life like this, it contributed to the development of the city.

A year has passed since the beasts of the outer world were subdued.

There were no notable conflicts happening on the continent.

Each nation was busy with their restoration work and had no time to incite skirmishes.

The Demon Lord’s Territory also launched invasion attacks sporadically.

Even if they weren’t destroyed, each nation was constantly exhausted of their resources.

The upper management of the nations should be screaming about this.

They couldn’t formulate the policies they intended and were forced to work hard to restore their national power.

Despite its distorted shape, peace certainly came into being.

The situation outside the continent was also similar.

The damage caused by the beasts was enormous.

Moreover, the defense mechanisms that intercepted them also caused a considerable amount of damage.

Those human nations received double the suffering.

The nations were providing relief and were working towards recovery.

Ironically, this seemed to create a good economic cycle.

People’s lives seemed to improve because of it.

After the accident with the beasts, the Demon Lord’s Army sometimes traveled across the continent to invade.

However, it wasn’t a full-scale attack.

These were merely attacks using the latest weapons to temporarily take control of the area.

And once the opposing army begins to counterattack, the Demon Lord’s Army would withdraw immediately.

However, the location might get occupied by us for a long time in some cases.

Nowadays, there were many places which were practically part of the Demon Lord’s Territory.

At the very least, those places were areas that were originally insecure and already had various problems.

We borrowed such a location and set it as an activity base on the other continent.

It was a factor that made each nation wary, but it didn’t hinder the state-owned enterprise.

As a result, the number of nations that regarded the Demon Lord’s Army as dangerous had increased rapidly in the past year.

My life began to be targeted from outside the continent as well, but this was as according to my expectations.

On this continent, my actions have dramatically reduced the number of wars.

There was no war between nations, and people were trying to fight for justice instead.

I intended to do the same on the other continent.

I only hoped to achieve world peace.

I was finally able to see the realization of it on the horizon.

I would definitely achieve it for that person’s sake as well.

“NOOOOO-AAAAAHHH! Why I can’t wiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn?!”

Diella’s scream brought me back from my thoughts.

She fell off the chair and shed tears of agony.

It seemed that she was defeated yet again.

As my thought process was interrupted, I scratched my temporal region with my fingertips.

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1 year ago

Lol, Diella can’t win because she’s an impatient genius. She does things by instinct, but that hardly helps in a game where patience, planning and caution come into play.

1 year ago
Reply to  Larrybob

her genius went to different vector, not in planning war, and definitely not gambling.