The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Prius

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Chapter 210: The Sage Talks to the Previous Demon Lord

While I was exasperated, Diella and Henry continued their game.

Diella still wasn’t convinced of her losses and continued to challenge him.

Henry was also enthusiastic about the matches.

As a combat enthusiast, he basically liked any kind of competition.

I heard that there was some sort of gambling corner in the capital and Henry was also competing there.

By the way, Diella seemed to be a regular there too, but she always ended up losing spectacularly.

Her dignity as the previous Demon Lord seemed to have completely disappeared.

It was hard to believe that figure of hers belonged to my former nemesis.

I was at a loss for words whenever I received the report on her miserable situation.

Soon, dusk will arrive.

The match ended with Diella suffering a total of ten consecutive defeats.

Henry left the room with a bottle of liquor in hand.

He was in a good mood since he was overwhelmingly victorious and achieved a win streak of ten.

It must be refreshing for him.

Meanwhile, a half-crying Diella sat formally1 in front of me.

She complained with a quivering voice.

“That man does not comprehend the word ‘mercy’. I am the previous Demon Lord, you know?”

“Henry wouldn’t compromise in battle. You also know that well.”

“That’s true, but…”

Diella growled in dissatisfaction.

She couldn’t find a way to argue.

She also knew that she couldn’t criticize Henry for that.

I asked Diella.

“If you’re that dissatisfied, how about playing with me next?” 

“No way! I’m sure you will secretly guide me to victory! And that’s way worse than just holding back!”

Diella shouted as she pointed an accusatory finger at me.

It was a strict pursuit.

In fact, I couldn’t say anything about it since I really intended to do so.

Diella was really bad at playing board games.

There were several types of board games, but she was bad at all of them.

She managed to keep her title as the weakest, especially in strategic board games.

Within the Demon Lord’s executive circles, the top spots of the game were held by Luciana, Henry, and Yuura.

Grom, Logan, and I settled in the middle ranks.

Others didn’t have stable results and were at a similar level to each other.

If the settings were limited to a naval battle, Doldar held the top spot.

But regardless of the type, Diella was always at the bottom.

Diella, who had been dissatisfied for a while, put her hand on her cheek and looked at me.

Her eyes had already regained composure.

She questioned me with a clear face.

“By the way, what are you going to do in the future?”

“Are you referring to the war of aggression?”

“Umu. I think it’s about time for you to make a big move.”

Diella said so as she tapped the desk with her finger.

I indeed had a plan, but I didn’t tell her about it.

Moreover, I didn’t even tell any of the executives about it.

I was thinking of telling them once the specifics were confirmed, but it seemed I was found out.

She was great at seeing through such things.

Diella was always looking ahead.

She had a keen eye for observation and a wide field of view.

It made me wonder why she was so weak in board games, though.

I confessed since my plans weren’t big enough that I needed to hide it.

“I am thinking of making a Demon Lord’s Castle on the other continent to put pressure on the nations beyond the sea.”

“Hohou, that sounds like a grand plan. However, even if you did that, who would be in charge of it? You can’t handle everything alone.”

“I’ll go back and forth between the castles, but I would basically leave the basic operations of the castle to the person in charge.”

The nations of this continent were already wary of the Demon Lord.

Although the nations on the other continent had similar reactions, they didn’t feel as cautious since we were separated by the sea.

Such a tendency was stronger the farther they were from the Demon Lord’s territory.

It wasn’t uncommon to see such areas be in minor conflicts with fellow humans.

They thought that the Demon Lord problem belonged exclusively to our continent.

I had to show them that the threat of the Demon Lord was directed to the whole world.

Setting up the Demon Lord’s Castle on the other continent itself wasn’t a difficult task.

All I needed to do was to secure a suitable piece of land, build a castle and a city there, then set up the research institute.

The defense would be perfect if the director was there.

All that remained was to build the bases in order.

The director, who belonged to a peculiar species of phantom, possessed the ability to become multiple active existences at the same time.

She was in a state where she could increase her clones without limit.

Its nature was different to an offshoot.

All of those directors were her real bodies.

If she learned that research could be done on a new continent, I was sure that the director would approve of the migration.

If she became an active resident of both continents’ castles, most of anxiety would resolve itself.

Although the way she evolved was unexpected, she became the greatest shield of the Demon Lord’s Army.

As I imagined the figure of the director who happily prepared for migration, Diella made a casual suggestion.

“If you don’t mind, should I help you as well?”

“Sorry about that.”

“You don’t have to mind. I’m supposed to be your neighbor officially, but I’m practically already affiliated to the Demon Lord’s Army at this point.”

Diella took a defiant attitude as she said that.

Both of us didn’t touch the subject, but she was already a proper member of the Demon Lord’s Army since before.

She just came to admit it now.

It would be encouraging to get the help of Diella.

A mighty force like her was still valuable.

She was also a charismatic person, so she could be trusted in that respect as well.

“It’s still a few years away at its earliest. Just remember it’s something that we’ll do someday.”

“Okay. I think I will forget it by then, so just explain to me again when the moment comes.”

Diella said and stood up.

She glanced at the abandoned board and game units then made a bitter expression.

Just as I thought she would leave the room as it was, she looked back before she left.


“What is it?”

When I responded, Diella’s expression hardened.

Her eyes were those of a person who once fought against the world.

She revealed her fang as she gave a fearless smile.

“If it’s you, you’ll be able to become the eternal Demon Lord.”

“…That’s my intention.”

“Kuhaha! That’s the spirit! I’ll also cheer for you!”

Diella nodded in satisfaction and waved her hand as she left the room.

I unconsciously relaxed my shoulders.

It seemed that the dignity of the previous Demon Lord was still there.

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