The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Prius

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Chapter 211: The Sage Inspects the Facility

The next day, I went to the laboratory.

By turning the underground of the entire capital into a laboratory, the director’s power was further enhanced.

She was worthy of the name ‘the greatest and the strongest defense’ by now.

It was practically impossible to intrude into the facility without her noticing it.

Even if I tried to break in seriously, it would take me some time.

I doubted there would be any executives capable of doing so either.

It was thanks to the director’s presence that we could sortie with a peace of mind.

Just as I went through the laboratory’s entrance, the director immediately came to greet me.

She bowed her head while rubbing her hands.

“Oh my! How are you, Demon Lord-sama?”

“Same as usual. How about the director?”

“I’m always in great shape! I’m an immortal after all. I can continue to work all the time without getting tired or sick!”

The director answered with confidence.

During her time as a human, she managed to ignore the burden to her flesh through her indomitable mental fortitude.

With those things no longer a part of her concern, she became even livelier.

She seemed to make the most of her inexhaustible constitution.

Even so, that didn’t mean there was nothing to worry about her.

Even an immortal couldn’t keep active forever without any rest.

I implicitly tried to advise the director.

“…I think you should sometimes take breaks.”

“Thank you for your consideration. However, I just love researching. It’s not like I work hard out of loyalty or a sense of responsibility. Having this kind of environment where I could research as much as I want is the greatest rest I can ever receive.”

“I guess it’s boorish advice. I’m sorry.”

“What are you talking about! Demon Lord-sama is not at fault. I really do appreciate how you try to be considerate to me like this.”

The director gave a deep bow.

Her crazy passion towards research made people easily misunderstand her, but she was still a serious person at her core.

She didn’t abuse her rank and showed a serious attitude towards everyone.

She was also quite charismatic and the staff liked it.

As I thought of that, I looked around.

Inside the laboratory, I could only see numerous copies of the director.

There were barely any normal staff to be seen.

When I used perception magic, it seemed that most of them were not at the laboratory.

“There seems to be fewer staff present today.”

“It just so happened that their vacations overlapped. Ah, of course, there’s no problem with the laboratory. I properly took charge of it after all!”

“I guessed as much, so I didn’t worry about that part.”

The director thoroughly managed the laboratory.

If there were any abnormalities, it would have been resolved immediately.

She was a very capable person to entrust the facility with.

And while she was working hard, she was actively letting her subordinates take vacations.

She wouldn’t overlook their fatigue and always built an optimal working environment.

Even only by judging on her superficial abilities, the director was an impeccable subordinate.

She possessed many aptitudes that surpassed me and other executives.

I came to inspect the laboratory with the director today.

I observed various research and developments as I walked.

While listening to the director’s endless stream of explanations and trivia, I asked for elaborations on parts I couldn’t understand through writing alone.

After a while, I was about to get into the main purpose of my visit.

“By the way, I’d like to visit her room…”

“So it’s about stopping the monitoring! Roger that!”


The director had guessed my intentions in advance.

Since she already knew what I meant, there was no need to explain.

I parted ways with the director and transferred to my destination.

The place I went to was the location of the trapped beast — Gwen’s living space.

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2 years ago

Let’s hope the director doesn’t become a future enemy, because it’s starting to look like she might…

2 years ago
Reply to  Larrybob

all she cared is research all she liked, and MC provided just that, so she wouldn’t.