The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 213: The Sage Engraves the Words of an Old Friend in His Heart

I went out with Logan that night.

The purpose was to inspect the vassal state of the Demon Lord’s territory.

Even though we called it a vassal state, it wasn’t like that nation surrendered or anything.

A part of the Demon Lord’s territory was granted independence.

It was difficult to manage the territory as it had become too big.

All the increased amount of chores made the subordinates have a hard time managing it.

Therefore, we decided to let the locals be in charge of the frontier territory.

Six months have passed since the establishment of the vassal state.

There was no major problem at the moment.

Some confusion did happen, but it functioned properly as a nation.

However, all the existing nations on the continent were criticizing it.

They all recognized the newly created vassal state as an abominable nation controlled by the Demon Lord.

Their reactions were as we expected.

I intended to ignore them.

Even if they had critical stances, they didn’t start an actual invasion towards the vassal state.

Each nation hasn’t recovered from the damage caused by the beasts’ attacks yet.

And an invasion against the vassal state was no different to declaring war on the Demon Lord.

They wouldn’t dare to incite a war in those circumstances.

Perhaps they might do some behind the scene actions, but the fact was that they couldn’t do anything on a large scale. 

With the advent of the vassal state, the pressure on the existing nations had increased further.

Now that I have a wider range of choices, I would like to grasp further control of the situation on the continent.

As we transferred to the sky, we confirmed the cityscape of the vassal state.

In the area that was once part of the Demon Lord’s territory, construction work was underway even at night.

Magical lights were installed at equal distance to each other, illuminating the entire city.

I could see the lively state of the city.

Logan, who stood next to me, reported to me while flipping through the document.

“There seems to be a bit of a shortage in manpower in this area. Do you mind if I send a golem here?”

“Aah, please.”

I nodded and sent my gaze far away.

A blue flame was swaying in a place far from the city.

When I used clairvoyance magic to confirm the phenomena, I saw a small village situated there.

People gathered at the center of the village and raised a blue flame.

“What kind of festival is that?”

“They seem to be worshiping the Demon Lord. That seems to be a custom that started recently.”

“I see…”

I paid closer attention to the state of the village.

I could feel the respect emanating from the people there.

And that respect was directed to none other than me.

I felt somewhat weird about that fact.

“To think that they are deifying the Demon Lord, what a strange custom.”

“If we consider the deeds you have done, that wouldn’t be the case.”

“What does that mean?”

As I involuntarily asked Logan, he replied as he looked at the blue flame.

“The Demon Lord of this generation has struggled hard for the territory. The people who live there might have noticed it. You might have taken many lives, but you have also brought salvation to an equal amount or more people.”1


“Are you dissatisfied with being worshiped like that?”

“Surprisingly, it doesn’t feel that bad. However, I have no intention of stepping down from the position of absolute evil. It’s okay for only a minority to worship me.”

I wouldn’t deny that village, but I still have a role to play as the immortal evil.

It was an existence that stood on the opposite extreme of those that ought to be worshiped.

If humanity ended up respecting me as a god, I couldn’t maintain my current stance.

From now on, I have to think properly about how to act.

Each action would affect the impression given by the Demon Lord.

Even if I had to help them, I have to consider the method I use.

Since manipulating false information was Luciana’s specialty, I would consult with her later.

As I was secretly admonishing myself, I noticed Logan was staring at me.

He told me with a straight gaze.

“Dwight, you’ve done well without losing sight of yourself. It seems like you haven’t forgotten your heroic temperament despite your responsibility as the Demon Lord.”

“Is that a good thing?”

“At the very least, it’s not a bad thing. Being a true herald is about being consistent in your purpose and to not drown in the mighty power you hold. Without the thought of justice, you would have ended up becoming a real Demon Lord and destroying the world.”

Logan’s words were on the mark.

There was nothing out there that could resist me right now.

That included the Demon Lord’s Army, which was filled with strong people, and the defense mechanisms.

Even the beasts of the outer world could be ground to dirt.

If I felt like it, I could lead the world to destruction in less than three days.

Regardless of how much the enemy wants to resist, I could make it happen.

The only reason I didn’t do that was because my conscience and sense of purpose as a sage still remained.

There was also still the existence of that person in my mind.

“I respect you as a friend. I will continue to assist you as much as possible.”

“…That helps.”

I bowed my head.

Logan’s words were really encouraging.

They always illuminated my path.

It was thanks to him that I managed to recognize my humanity despite being an immortal.

“Please remind me if I ever veer off the path.”

“Of course. I will stop you even if I have to bet my life on it.”

“Although I’m happy about that, please try not to die.”

“You’re the same as usual.”

Logan smiled lightly, turned around and pointed.

The Demon Lord’s Castle was in that direction.

“Let’s return. It’s about time for Grom to prepare dinner anyway.”


I acquiesced and activated the transfer magic.

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1 year ago

“You might have taken many lives, but you have also brought salvation to an equal amount or more people.”1

To be fair, he did protect the whole planet from the Beasts so… it’s not wrong. The population of one nation and a few dozen cities weighed against the threat of the Beasts to the world would likely qualify as salvation in Logan’s mind. Especially since he and his people were saved directly by the Demon Lord’s actions, even with the whole enslavement aspect.

It’s all about how you qualify salvation, because the Demon Lord’s goal is peace through being the only major threat which eliminates every other threat. This, in a way is a form of salvation. In addition to that even the people who hate him are being saved from the hatred of others by focusing their hate on Dwight as the Demon Lord. .So from a certain point of view, the evil and death that the demon lord brings upon the world brings salvation as he becomes the only source of those bad things in the world.

1 year ago
Reply to  Dragonick

such is his goal, but it wouldn’t seem to be fulfilled.