The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 214: The Sage Thinks of the Hero

A few days later, I was doing office work as usual at the audience hall.

Because some territory was separated in the form of vassal states, it reduced the number of chores regarding territory management.

Still, there was much to do.

I was flooded with documents seeking my permission from all over the World.

Even after I left as much work as possible to my subordinates, the amount that I still had to take care of left me busy.

I read the documents piled up on the desk and processed them steadily.

While doing so, I suddenly stopped.

This is…

I picked up a document and read it carefully.

Luciana noticed what I did and asked in wonder.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m curious about the contents of this report.”

I handed over said document to Luciana.

The content was about the voices of the people all over the World.

Apparently, people were asking for the reappearance of the hero.

They seemed to be taking the threat of the still-expanding Demon Lord’s Army seriously.

There were similar reactions outside the continent as well.

Everyone sought for the hero, just like how the previous Demon Lord was subdued.

The documents described the specific size and region of such voices.

Because it was an event related to the hero, the report was sent to me.

Luciana glanced at the contents and had a convinced expression.

She handed back the document with little thought.

“Aah, the reappearance of a hero, huh… do you think one will actually appear?”

“I think it’s possible. It is always a hero who defeats the Demon Lord after all.”

The reappearance of the hero was always expected.

It was the nemesis of the Demon Lord.

In fact, a hero had awakened by the time I became active.

The young man, who was just a common soldier, suddenly awakened the power of the holy sword.

He was the first person I killed with the keepsake sword.

I still remembered the battle at that time.

Since such a thing happened in the past, it wouldn’t be weird if a second one appeared.

However, since the hero needed to be able to fight against my current self, it would make that hero become a person with global influence.

If one did appear, they couldn’t be overlooked.

They would likely turn into the new Demon Lord after, and truly lead the world to its destruction.

I have to kill them as soon as possible.

Luciana turned to Grom, who worked silently beside her.

She leaned on the chair and asked.

“Hey, bone minister, what do you think?”

“—It’s a stupid question. There is no hero that could defeat Demon Lord-sama.”

Grom affirmed while staring at the document.

He stood up bravely and declared with his fist over his ‘heart’.1

“When a half-assed person claims to be a hero, then I will personally deal with him. I will erase them without leaving any trace of that person in the world.”

“Ahaha, that’s scary. Since you’re the one who said it, that can’t be a joke…”

Luciana shrugged and shook her head.

I agreed with her.

Grom would definitely fight without hesitation even if it was against the hero.

Then, he would definitely win just like what he declared.

“Demon Lord-sama, I am always ready! Even if you asked me to go to the ends of the world, feel free to give me the order!”

“…Aah, I’ll be depending on you.”

Seeing how enthusiastic Grom was, I felt a little pumped too.

He spoke strongly, as if the hero had already appeared, but of course that wasn’t the case.

However, his great motivation was transmitted properly.

When the situation called for it, I would have Grom do his best.

In any case, I should be wary of the hero reappearing.

The Will of the World fulfills people’s desires.

There was a risk of it creating a hero that could fight head to head with my current self.

I intended to make use of the spies’ information network to watch out in various places, including outside the continent.

After collecting my thoughts, I tried to evaluate the next document.

The next moment, the door opened vigorously.

The one who appeared there was Diella.

“You guys, I heard you all talking about the hero! I want to talk along with you guys!”

“Oh my, Diella-sama. You’re still as restless as usual.”

“That’s proof that I’m healthy. Rather, what about the hero?”

Luciana explained the topic to Diella, who entered the room with wide strides.

Diella listened with her arms folded and looked far away.

She muttered with an unexpectedly serious expression.

“Hohou, so there’s the voice of people who seek heroes… A similar thing happened during my time.”

“People are trying to cling on to hope. Regardless of how fragile and ephemeral it is, they have no choice but to rely on it.”

“You know it well. I guess it’s expected of the former sage.”

Diella tapped my shoulder and suddenly drew my face towards her.

She then asked in a low voice.

“The threat of the Demon Lord in this generation is now known all over the world. What are you going to do?”

“I’ll put pressure on various locations and incite hostility. It’s good enough as long as it prevents wars between nations. The policy won’t change even if a hero appears.”

“Umu, not bad.”

Diella smacked my back and walked back to the door with light steps.

Luciana was calming Grom, who was on the verge of exploding with rage.

Perhaps he was angry with Diella’s attitude towards me.

Ignoring the interaction between the two, Diella gracefully tucked her hair back.

“It’s going well for now, but stay alert. If you really have a problem, you should rely on your predecessor. I’ll give you a special price for the cooperation.”

“…So you charge for your help.”

“Of course I do. My gambling debt is — no-nothing. Anyway, make sure you do not hesitate to ask for help!”

Diella left the room, as if to escape, with an awkward expression.

Her noisy footsteps moved away in the blink of an eye.

Grom jumped out of the room to follow her.

Perhaps he was going to give her a sermon.

Luciana, who was left behind, smiled wryly.

She then whispered.

“She sucks in various ways, but she’s still trying to be considerate to you, you know?”

“Aah, I know.”

Although her problematic words and actions were conspicuous, Diella also had a side to her worthy of being called the previous Demon Lord.

Therefore, I also trusted her.

It would be perfect if she were a bit more conscious of her behavior, but it was cruel of me to seek such a thing from Diella.

As we heard Grom’s roar echo from a distance, Luciana and I returned to our office work.

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