The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Frozen Ink

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Chapter 216: The Sage Expresses Concerns Regarding Technological Development

Yuura’s support was steadily strengthening the people inside the fort.

It was hard to tell at first glance, but the effect got more apparent over time.

The movements of the Demon Lord’s Army’s soldiers were getting better, and their defensive spells were getting more precise.

As a result, a more robust defense was being built.

The outer wall was also being reinforced with ivy, which was making it difficult for weak magic to damage it.

With all of these factors working together, the enemy army who had moved forward to recapture the fort seemed to be struggling. [T/N: in case you forgot, Grom’s attack had split the enemy army into two – front and rear, and the latter is starting to retreat now.]

The troops on their rear had already started showing signs of retreating.

They were moving away while fighting their allies who had turned into the undead.

Because of that, the troops left in the front were in a miserable state.

There were undead rushing from behind, and undead were also overflowing in the front where they had to advance towards.

They were sandwiched beautifully.

They became more frantic as they advanced.

While their numbers gradually decreased, they forcibly tried to subdue the undead in front of them.

They continued to move forward while unleashing magical flames.

At that moment, a gunshot rang.

The soldiers in the front row collapsed while bleeding.

Looking carefully, there were soldiers of the Demon Lord’s Army sitting on the outer wall.

Most of the subordinates were holding guns.

Henry was in the center with his bow.

“Good job on advancing well! Now, receive our welcome!”

Henry happily shot an arrow.

It pierced through the neck of a magician holding a wand and he died instantly.

The other Demon Lord’s Army soldiers also shot their guns simultaneously following that.

The gunshots continued, and each shot put more enemy soldiers to their deaths.

Red stains scattered on the pure white snow field.

The weapon being used by my subordinates was a new type of gun that had just been developed over the past year.

It was manufactured using data from John Doe’s memories as reference.

In his hometown, it was a weapon known as an assault rifle or automatic rifle.

Since the bullets were being fired at a speed faster than what eyes could perceive, its destructive power remained unmatched by existing guns.

It would boast unrivaled power as long as the need for a large amount of supply could be worked out.

This was the new weapon that Luciana was talking about.

I was already aware about the performance of the weapon itself, and had even tried it personally in the laboratory.

However, my impression definitely changed after seeing it being put into use in an actual battle like this.

The magicians of the Demon Lord’s Army kept blocking the counterattack from the enemy army.

Yuura, who was standing next to me, manipulated the concentration of magic power outside the fort, rendering magic to become difficult to use there.

It was a sabotage which greatly supported our allies’ movements.

Yuura seemed to be good at techniques that required precise operations like this.

The soldiers of the Demon Lord’s Army sporadically shot their guns all at once.

The isolated army was destroyed in the blink of an eye.

The remaining soldiers also became prey to the undead.

It sure changes the shape of the war…

The Demon Lord’s territory monopolized this technology at present, so there was no need to worry.

However, some nations would eventually try to imitate it.

Over the years, there would be an increase in the birth of forces that would develop similar weapons of their own.

Excessive technological development could be harmful.

That was what I had learned during my battle against John Doe.

Perhaps I also needed to properly consider the usage of the weapons by the Demon Lord’s Army.

I would have to devise some sort of measure to prevent a weapon that was too powerful from falling in the hands of the common soldiers.

Basically, as long as such weapons were isolated in the laboratory and used only in times of emergency, that would solve it.

While I was busy thinking, the isolated soldiers of the enemy’s front army were annihilated.

The troops in the rear army also began to retreat in earnest.

They started unleashing restraining magic as they tried to escape.

The Demon Lord’s Army didn’t chase them and continued to watch over them as they became smaller in their vision.

It was because total annihilation wasn’t our goal.

All we needed to do was to cause moderate damage and focus on the hostility exposed to the Demon Lord’s Army.

This time, we were able to show off our powerful and unrivaled weapons.

They had experienced its horror for themselves.

Such news would quickly spread for sure.

The Demon Lord’s Army cheered.

It was an ideal victory.

The activities of the Demon Lord’s Army proceeded smoothly even on the other continents.

While solidifying the foundation for aggression, we were also strengthening our forces while watching the reaction of each nation.

However, the world itself would never be destroyed.

Even so, I would never let them be at ease.

We would continue the war the same as before.

Everything was for spreading the peace that was distorted.

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