The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 217: The Sage Visits the New Continent

One day, I went to a distant continent.

It was for a certain purpose.

It was a daunting distance from the Demon Lord’s territory, and there were vicious demons in the waters along the way.

Furthermore, because the location was constantly exposed to storms, it was impossible for ships to come and go.

Even if one tried, you would have to keep moving while making full use of the land and sea routes, it was a new continent with no interaction with the main continent where the Demon Lord’s territory was.

Even during the invasion of the beast of the outer world, the defense mechanism that was in charge of the region dealt with what little beast came their way on their own and there was no opportunity to interfere.

I went to such a region in order to build a base.

I was planning to build a castle on the ground and a laboratory underground.

Regarding the subordinates to be dispatched to this area, I planned for it to consist mostly of prisoners of war and slaves.

The slaves were procured from the Slave Autonomous Region.

For the rebellious people, Luciana would use charm on them.

They would only be sent after being obedient.

The reason for doing this was close to that of an experiment.

An intentionally biased environment would be built to see what kind of human resource would grow.

The result of the experiment would be used as a reference for future operations.

A few years later, I would deploy the Demon Lord’s Army to every continent.

I said simply, but it was a big plan.

Advance preparation would be essential.

I should raise the possibility of success as much as possible.
This experiment could be said to be the preparation for that.

Of course, there was a possibility that the dispatched slaves and prisoners of war would run away.

So besides monitoring them through clairvoyance magic, I have also put some measures in place.

Regardless of the outcome, there wouldn’t be any negative impact on the main continent.

Even so, it really is a strange environment…

I looked around.

Tall trees crowded together.

Rain poured down as it hit leaves, and my robe were soaked in a blink of an eye.

Next to me, was Henry who had a disgruntled look on his face.

This time, he and Doldar accompanied me.

I just invited people who had some free time.

Henry fanned his face with his hand.

“This is sweltering. It feels disgusting.”

“It’s a rainforest after all. It’s an environment that isn’t uncommon in this region.”

I was an immortal.

Although I could feel the heat and humidity, I didn’t think it was that unpleasant.

Perhaps Henry didn’t think so since he was a human.

Meanwhile, Doldar started walking around without minding the rain.

He wielded his axe and wandered into the depth of the forest.

“Dolder, where are you going?”

“Neck… Search for prey.”

Doldar replied with an awkward tone.

Recently, he has become able to communicate.

Perhaps it was because he often returned to his lucid state.

He still couldn’t speak fluently, but he was steadily improving.

Even so, there were still many problematic behaviors.

Doldar had gone somewhere.

I didn’t stop him.

I would call him back when it was time to return.

I could sense his location through perception magic.

“Commander, are you really going to build a castle here?”

“Are you dissatisfied?”

“I thought there’d be somewhere a little more comfortable. The people stationed here are going to have a hard time.”

Henry’s opinion was correct.

If the environment was too bad, it would cause unnecessary problems.

I gave him a supplementary explanation.

“Regarding comfort, you can use magic to make it happen. The reason I chose this area was due to the high level of protection it offered. Even the local army would have a hard time invading this place.”

This place was at least four days away from the nearest city.

The humidity in question could be solved using magic.

It would be able to maintain a comfortable environment perpetually.

When Henry heard that, he laughed as he got convinced.

He then muttered while looking around.

“It’s certainly tough to march through this place… oh.”

Henry raised his eyebrows as he stopped talking.

He turned around.

Towering beyond our line of sight was a giant body that required one to look up.

Its wing folded tightly on the bronze scales that got wet by rain.

And its yellow eyes were glaring at us.

The thing that appeared as it knocked down trees was a bipedal wyvern.

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