The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Melon

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Chapter 218: The Sage Spectates on the Sidelines

The wyvern roared.

The impact of the sound was so great that it scattered the raindrops.

It seemed to see us as prey.

It was at this point other wyverns appeared from behind it.

It seemed the five wyverns were acting as a group.

Since dragon species are solitary animals, it was rare to see them collaborating.1


Henry lifted a corner of his lips in front of the flock of wyverns.

He readied his stance and revealed a ferocious smile.

His hands were already holding his bow and arrows. 

“Haha, so you gave me quite a welcome.”

Henry exuded his killing intent.

The wyverns felt fear from the instinctive knowledge that the situation could become dangerous. 

However, their dignity as a race wouldn’t allow them to escape.

They were still intending to eat us here.

“Hey, Commander.”

“What is it?”

“Can I go ahead and kill them?”

Henry’s entire body was quivering, as if he might pounce at any moment.

However, he was still desperately suppressing that urge with his sense of reason.

When I saw this, I nodded.

“No problem.”

“Okay! Let’s have some fun!”

Henry lifted his arm in joy.

He proceeded to shoot his arrows at a comically fast speed.

He shot two arrows at nearly the same time and they exploded in the eyes of the leading wyvern.

It screamed as it was blinded.

Thrashing its head, it rushed in Henry’s direction.


Henry sprinted to the side, paying no mind to the quagmire in his way, and avoided its rush.

He rolled forward and shot another arrow.

The arrow pierced one of the wyvern’s hind legs and it lost its balance. 

Suddenly, an arrowhead appeared as if to break through its forehead.

Henry proceeded to shoot an arrow through its head.

I used protection magic as the wyvern fell in my direction and was spared from the collision just before it reached me.

Henry wasn’t considering my safety, but perhaps he just thought such consideration was unnecessary.

It was a kind of trust, but I wish he was a little concerned about me.

“Well, who will be my opponent next? Come on!” Henry loudly provoked.

He was as lively as he could be despite being covered in mud.

From the perspective of a normal person, a flock of wyverns would be a guarantee for disaster.

In a situation where most people would have prepared to die, Henry seemed to be in bliss.

The wyverns growled in regret and showed no sign of attacking.

Upset by the death of their comrade, they became wary of Henry.

At that moment, a high-magic reaction was approaching.

It didn’t come from another wyvern or some wild demon; rather, what emerged from beside the wyverns was Doldar with his axe.

“Give me, your neck…!”

Doldar moved at high speed, his purple lighting blinking, and decapitated the wyvern.

He then kicked a tree to turn around abruptly and cut the head off another.

It had tremendous speed and power.

The wyvern wasn’t able to react at all and necks fell into the mud.

Henry wore a wry smile as he saw that.

He then shrugged in mild dissatisfaction.

“Oi oi, stealing one’s prey is not a good thing. Well, I’ll take this one instead.”

Henry casually shot an arrow that flew in an arc and struck the neck of one of the remaining wyverns.

At that moment, its trajectory shifted.

The arrow left at a steep angle and pierced through the eye of the other wyvern to the back of its head.

Both wyverns were fatally injured.

He probably shot his arrow by calculating the exit angle of the initial impact.

It was a skill that couldn’t be imitated at all.

It was an attack that did not follow common sense.

I felt a bit sorry for the wyverns, who collapsed and died.

“It’s, not enough…”

Doldar lowered his axe and wandered about for a bit.

He seemed to be looking for his next prey, but the nearby demons were all rushing away.

It appeared they managed to sense the death of the wyverns.

I guess his urge of decapitation wouldn’t be satisfied for now.

Henry returned to me, wiping off the mud on his face.

He looked at the corpse of a wyvern and pondered, “Um, they felt a little stronger compared to our local demons?”

“It’s because the concentration of magic power here is high. Perhaps it affected the ecosystem.”

I couldn’t tell how strong they were from the earlier battle. 

However, when I analyzed it from a magical perspective, the level of the demons in the area was quite high.

In other regions, these creatures would be comparable to disasters.
This wasn’t an area that humans could easily enter and exit.

“Considering they would fight demons like this, I guess I could expect the soldiers to be of quality here?”

“I heard that they never stop fighting due to the constant war and conflict all over this continent. They should be able to fulfill your expectations in that regard.”

“That’s good! Looks like I can look forward to it.”

“I will, participate in war. I will, cut necks…” Henry and Doldar reacted.

They were the greatest fighting enthusiasts in the Demon Lord’s Army.
It was encouraging to have them as allies.

I hoped they would continue to exhibit such power from now on.

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