The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 220: The Sage Worries About the Herald

I transferred to the location where the riot happened.

I left Grom to watch the castle.

The site was in an urban area.

If we appeared at the same time, it would cause unnecessary mayhem.

The riot itself didn’t seem to be a big deal anyway, so there was no need for the two of us to come together.

As I transferred to the back alley, I used concealment magic to suppress my magic power and miasma.

In addition, I used perception inhibition magic to prevent my appearance from giving off a sense of weirdness.

With this, there wouldn’t be a ruckus even if I was seen in this appearance.

They would only think they saw a man covered in a robe.

As I was done with my preparations, I left the back alley.

The area was already noisy.

It was not because they saw me.

The people’s gazes were focused on the end of the street.

It seemed the riot happened over there.

I walked through the crowd.

Nobody noticed me thanks to my concealment magic.

Even when my shoulder hit them, they would only tilt their head in wonder.

Perhaps they would find the hard sensation that hit them weird.

Despite such reactions, I walked calmly.

Eventually, I arrived at the spot where I could see the sight beyond the crowd.

The soldiers in the city were holding down a group of men and women.

That group was probably responsible for the riot.

I carefully observed the group.

They consisted of various kinds of people, such as merchants, mercenaries, and ordinary citizens.

Their gender, age, race, and even occupations were inconsistent.

They didn’t seem to be affected by some magic, and they didn’t seem to be affected by some sort of mental pollution.

At the very least, they weren’t being manipulated.

There was no doubt that they caused a riot by their own volition.

I used telepathy to contact the local spy.

“I want to talk with those people who caused the riot. Can you arrange it?”

“I can. I will prepare it soon.”

At the same time as the reply, a soldier emerged from the crowd.

It was the spy I contacted through telepathy earlier.

He was infiltrating the local army as a soldier here.

The spy told the soldiers who suppressed the group what to do.

The soldiers nodded and began to tie the group up with a rope, taking them away.

They left the place as if to disperse the crowd.

I used perception magic to confirm the destination.

It seemed that the group was brought to the barracks.

After waiting for a while, they all stopped moving in an empty room in the basement.

It seemed that the preparations for the interrogation were complete.

I transferred to that vacant room.

Blood stains were found here and there in the room, with scarce light sources.

If one looked closely, the bone-like debris was also rolling.

Apparently, this was some sort of torture room.

It was surprising to learn that there was such a room in the basement of the barracks, but there were times such a place was necessary to carry out the task.

Regardless of the organization, there were some things that couldn’t be seen in public.

I wasn’t going to judge that.

Meanwhile, the soldiers were confused by my appearance.

They couldn’t talk to me and were looking at each other with questioning looks.

It seemed that the spy didn’t tell them about the details.

I lifted the hood I was wearing and exposed my face.

At the same time, I dispelled the perception inhibition spell.

At that moment, the soldiers were astonished.

They left the detained group behind and left the room hurriedly.

These soldiers weren’t part of the Demon Lord’s Army.

They were the local soldiers affiliated to this city.

Perhaps they didn’t expect that I would personally come down to visit.

I guess I did something bad to them.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

The spy entered the room after they left.

The spy was Luciana’s subordinate and a demonkin from the republic.

Because he underwent plastic surgery, his appearance was indistinguishable from that of a normal human’s.

I heard that he was an excellent subordinate with a high infiltration ability.

“You worked hard. Let’s begin right away.”

Responding to the spy, I deployed a barrier to soundproof and block the room.

With this, there wouldn’t be any interruptions from outside.

Looking at the detained group, I wondered.

Who is the Savior…?

If my intuition was correct, that person should be a herald.

The Will of the World might have begun to move.

If that was so, it wasn’t something I could ignore.

I needed to find that person’s identity.

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