The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 222: The Sage Tries to Consult

A few days later, I was standing on the balcony of the castle.

I was overlooking the condition of the royal capital from there.

It was so peaceful that it was hard to believe it was actually the same land that was being targeted by everyone from all over the world.

The vibrant city continued to develop even today.


I was thinking while looking at people doing their activities.

Recently there was only one topic occupying my brain.

I found myself always being bothered by it.

Just as I was at a loss on what to do, Luciana came beside me.

She hung her cheek on her hand while resting her arm on the balcony fence.

“You’re thinking about the Savior, right?”

“You know me well.”

“That’s what comes to mind if we talk about your most recent worries.”

Luciana whistled.

The pure tone was swept away by the wind.

After a bit of silence, she continued to talk.

“Is it something to be worried about? Doesn’t it just so happen that people are becoming more helpful to each other? Such kind people are everywhere, you know.”

“I also think so.”

“Then what are you worrying about?”

After being questioned by Luciana, I turned to her.

Then I told her the answer.

“It’s because the feelings of the masses can sometimes take shape.”

“Are you referring to the Will of the World?”

“Yes, I’m being wary of that.”

The Will of the World was built by the desires of humanity.

By just gathering wishes, it could transform into a great power.

It was a troublesome phenomenon that didn’t consider the result and aftermath.

It could even cause events that might destroy humanity in the end.

It was because humanity’s naive wishes didn’t properly consider the consequences of things in the long run.

Luciana growled with a difficult expression and proposed a solution.

“If you’re that worried, why not just destroy that city?”

“It would be a meaningless slaughter. If I resort to such violence in the territory under our control, it would only trigger rebellions all over the Demon Lord’s territory.”

Performing such an action meant that I had to create conflict in the peaceful Demon Lord’s territory.

If that did happen, it would be difficult to stop.

Furthermore, it would only produce more wishes from humanity’s side to subdue the Demon Lord.

The Will of the World would make the world into a place where heralds could be born easily.

I didn’t mind if that was all that would happen.

But there was a chance it would trigger a phenomenon that might lead to world destruction, and that was bad.

The current scale of the Demon Lord’s territory was just right.

It was best to maintain that while adjusting the security.

Manipulating world affairs would be an important issue.

As I imagined various things, Luciana turned toward me.

She looked at me with pity.

“Your policy is really difficult. It makes me think so considering how simple things were during Diella-sama’s time.”

“..If you compare it to Diella’s policy, any other policy will seem difficult.”

“Uwah, what a bitter remark. If the person in question were to hear it, she might just end up crying.”

Luciana laughed in a relaxed tone.

At that moment, she suddenly said,

“If you’re worried about the involvement of the Will of the World, you can just consult about it with the Great Spirit.”

“After the beast incident, the Great Spirit entered a slumber state. Unless a major incident happens, I doubt she will wake up.”

A year ago, the defense mechanisms including the Great Spirit went active due to the crisis.

Looking back at history, such an event was rare.

So much so that traces of one couldn’t be found unless one looked back to the era of myths.

Because of that, she wouldn’t be active for some time.

In fact, no defense mechanism had become active in the past year.

Depending on the situation, it might remain dormant like this for decades to come.

However, Luciana shook her head at my words.

She sported a naughty smile on her face.

“I think she would come if Demon Lord-sama called for her. Perhaps she is already awake now.”

“She is a defense mechanism that protects the world. It’s not like she is my friend, so I can’t call her easily.”

“It doesn’t hurt to try anyway. Come on, try to call for her.”


For some reason, Luciana was being insistent about her opinion for today.

Although I had no idea why, she seemed to have some sort of conviction.

Since she had insisted on it that much, it should be alright to try it.

First, I connected to Yuura through telepathy.

I tried to deliver my voice to the Great Spirit through her.

“Oh, Great Spirit. I have a little request—”

“What is it?”

A voice replied from behind me.

Looking back, I could see Yuura standing, who was currently being possessed by the Great Spirit.

She had appeared at an amazing speed.

Because of that, the office desk in the room had been turned over and countless documents were flying in the air.

Luciana showed a smile as she saw the Great Spirit in front of her.

“See? She did indeed come in a hurry.”

“I wasn’t in a hurry. I merely answered the Demon Lord’s call.”

The Great Spirit vehemently denied Luciana’s words.

It was hard to get a read on her emotions, but I could see that the Great Spirit had become a little moody while looking at Luciana.

Luciana then muttered “enjoy your time” and dropped down from the balcony with light movements.

She flew in the sky and retreated.

It seemed she was being considerate so we could have an easier time conversing.

I didn’t expect for her to really answer my call, but it is convenient this time around.

I looked at the Great Spirit.

She was also familiar with the Will of the World.

Perhaps I might be able to gather some clues regarding the Savior.

I felt bad for calling a defense mechanism for such a trivial task, but since she was already here, I might as well consult with her.

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