The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Melon

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Chapter 225: The Sage Receives the Beast’s Advice

“I will tell you the details of the matter. I want your opinion after you hear it.”

“Oya oya, are you in a dere period? Fine, I’ll answer it as a big service!”

Gwen extended her arm forward and rejoiced.

I felt uncomfortable from her reaction.

“…You sure are enthusiastic about this.”

“Of course I am. It’s for my beloved Havelt-san after all.”

Gwen closed one eye with a lustrous expression.

I felt a chill go down my spine and involuntarily took a step back.

Gwen lowered her eyebrows in wonder.

“Arara, that was a bad reaction. Do you hate this type of girl?”

“Enough with jokes. I’ll tell the story.”

I explained the series of events regarding the Savior.

I didn’t hide any part in particular and spoke on everything about it.

Gwen was probably not the mastermind of the incident this time.

She often made use of deep words and deeds to mislead others, but those were more indicative of her pranking others.

The person herself denied involvement in the matter.

That was not something for her to keep secret about, after all.

After listening to the story, Gwen sat on the couch and folded her arms.

She growled with a mystified expression.

“So it’s a Savior this time. There sure is no end to trouble for you. Don’t you think the Will of the World-san worked too hard in that regard?”

“Don’t say that to me. I’m the one who was troubled by the matter.”

Hopefully, no problems will occur.

Unforeseen circumstances would cause confusion to the world.

As a person who wished to maintain peace, this was something extremely annoying to me.

“Basically, Havelt-san wants to stop the rumored Savior from emerging, or prepare some sort of countermeasure against that, right?”

“That’s right. The Great Spirit told me it was a difficult thing to do, but I thought you might have a different view about the matter.”

Gwen was the beast of the outer world.

She was a peculiar existence that had attacked from outer space.

She had destroyed many worlds in the past, and she often became hostile to the Will of the World of those worlds.

Basically, she had a lot of experience with the matter.

I thought she could offer some sort of unique opinion.

Gwen pondered a little.

Eventually, she gestured slightly as she gave her opinion.

“From what I concluded, it is impossible to prevent the emergence of the Savior. People with the qualities of heralds are everywhere, and they could be awakened from any stimulation.”

“So it’s like that after all.”

“You can’t underestimate the coercive power of the Will of the World… it’s basically cheating, after all.”

Gwen sighed.

But in the next moment, she changed her expression completely.

She raised a finger and shook it proudly.

“Well, as for countermeasures, it’s more about tips and advice on how to control the Will of the World, I guess?”

“Is such a thing possible?”

“There’s a trick to it. The beast who was our leader — the one you referred to as a false god — do you remember her? It’s about applying the method she used.”

Gwen cut herself short and smiled warmly.

She was observing me with that expression.

It was really getting on my nerves.

“Don’t be so roundabout about it. Just tell me the conclusion.”

“Really, what an impatient man.”

Gwen gave me a bitter smile and clapped her hands several times.

After a while, she proceeded to the main subject of the story.

“Basically! It’s the reasoning that if you can’t push it, then pull it! You can take the specification of the law in the wrong direction. The stricter the measures you take, the more the Will of the World will react and cause trouble. You experienced that, right?”

“However, the problem will emerge if I don’t do something about it. I can’t overlook it.”

“I understand how you feel, but it’s time for you to endure. Rather than trying to stop it, you should instead prepare an environment where the Will of the World can act easily.”

Gwen suggested that with a cool expression.

It was a completely different measure than what I had imagined.

No, it was an action that could barely be referred to as a countermeasure.

I found it hard to understand.

“What will happen if I do something like that?”

“If things go well, the phenomenon will occur as intended. Since it is a problem that you are anticipating, it would be easy to deal with it afterward. Basically, the idea is to invite it into a trap.”

“A trap, huh…”

I was convinced by the expression Gwen used.

The false god gained immense power in the same way.

By making herself the object of hope and worship, she succeeded in amplifying the power of the Will of the World.

Gwen’s countermeasure was to determine where the power would gather in a similar manner.

“It is difficult to prevent the Will of the World before it happens, so you should take countermeasures on the premise that it will activate. Although the advice from Great Spirit-san is not bad, it would only buy you some time.”


“Even if things didn’t go according to your expectations, don’t worry. If you can control the situation properly, the trap will still be effective even if you are late in activating it.”

Gwen’s suggestion was more accurate than I expected.

This was because she was experienced in it.

She must have led many worlds to their destruction using it.

Her skills and achievements were certain.

After talking, Gwen rolled on the couch.

She put her hand on her cheek and said.

“Currently, that’s all I can say to you. If something happens, feel free to contact me. I will give advice depending on the price.”

“Sorry about that. Thanks.”

I expressed my gratitude to her.

Just as I was about to activate transfer magic, Gwen got up as if she remembered something.

“Ah, Havelt-san.”


I interrupted the transfer and asked.

Gwen gave me a thumbs up and declared enthusiastically.

“I’m waiting to take an active role! I’m always ready for it, really.”

“…I see.”

Leaving her, who was confident for some reason, aside, I left the place with a transfer.

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