The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Frozen Ink

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Chapter 226: The Sage Look Back on His Deeds

After parting with Gwen, I went to the city where the riot occurred.

As people slept, I cast a forbidden spell to erase their memories.

I constructed a hypnotic state through the use of multiple spells, so nobody would notice me using it.

This would make them forget about the riot the other day.

Furthermore, for people who worship the Savior, I have completely deleted their recent memories.

From tomorrow onwards, there will be a great deal of confusion.

However, people will eventually calm down once they find out there was no actual harm.

I hope that time will eventually resolve the issue.

After I finished my spell, I walked alone under the night sky of the Demon Lord’s territory.

And indulged in my thoughts as I bathed in the lush moonlight.

The problem would be what happens from now on…

I used a brute force method this time, but I can only hope it has some effect.

People were always coming and going to this city.

There should be some people who know about the Savior who were on their way to other cities.

The rumor that spread there couldn’t be stopped.

If there was a report from a local spy, I would purge their memories using the same means, but I can’t repeat this forever.

After all, memory erasure could only buy me some time rather than solving the issue.

What was important was the action I would take from here.

It was certain I managed to delay the activation of the Will of the World.

I intended to follow Gwen’s advice this time.

First, I have to select a person that could be called the Savior.

I could select a candidate from within the Demon Lord’s Army, but it didn’t matter even if the candidate was from the third party in the Demon Lord’s territory.

If possible, the person with the qualities to be a herald would be the best.

There should be many people qualified to be candidates.

Then I had to spread the rumor that said the person I chose was the Savior.

I could even make them fight against the Demon Lord’s Army and let them win.

If I let them play an active role in defeating a large number of undead, he should earn fame in a blink of an eye.

After that, I would make them act as if they were working to subdue the Demon Lord.

Specifically, I would have them go around certain areas and allow them to occasionally fight against the Demon Lord’s Army.

By that time, the Will of the World would be activated and the desire of the people would be focused on the Savior.

After that, I only need to manage the movement of the Savior as an effective measure.

That was the development I wanted.

As an irregular phenomenon, it was easier to deal with compared to problems that suddenly emerge.

The treatment of the resulting Savior would depend on the situation.

Perhaps I would kill them personally after letting them be active for several years.

Or I could let someone else take over the position of Savior.

After giving a shape to the Will of the World, they would be digested through some means.

The power that might swell from that could possibly surpass even mine.

I shouldn’t be arrogant and should proceed to kill depending on the situation.

This was more of a problem to be reacted to according to the time and situation.

Luciana could handle all the behind-the-scenes work.

She should be able to adjust things well.

The current Demon Lord’s Army was stationed in various places, and its influence had increased dramatically.

A wide variety of behind-the-scenes work was feasible.

I doubt there would be any problem regarding the operation.

It feels as if I’m arranging a circus.

I mocked the plan in my head.

Not that it meant anything at this point.

In the first place, I was a clown myself.

Even though I act as the Demon Lord who could destroy the world, I actually have no intention of doing so.

I carried out genocide while proclaiming it was for the sake of achieving peace.

I transformed people who I ought to save into undead and used them.

And this time, I was thinking of intentionally creating a herald bearing hope, only to kill it later.

It was full of contradictions.

Even if the world was big, it would be hard to find anyone as terrible as I was.

But that was fine.

I didn’t mind being a clown.

If it would make the world remain peaceful, I fully intended to resort to any kind of evil.

I’m the only one who can do that.

Anyone with resolve could save others.

In fact, many heralds had high aspirations.

However, that wasn’t enough.

I was advancing to a region that they couldn’t reach — nay, couldn’t try to touch.

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