The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 227: The Sage Has Worries

After that, I took a walk under the night sky.

While repeating the accumulated self-questioning and self-answering in my thoughts, I tried to convince myself as I switched tracks.

Occasionally, I couldn’t feel the sensation on my feet, but I then returned to myself and adjusted the spell accordingly.

My physicality wasn’t deteriorating.

Rather, the opposite would be more likely.


As I was looking at my black hand, I felt a presence come up behind me.

When I turned around, I saw Grom standing there.

He placed his fist on his chest and reported to me.

“Demon Lord-sama, the construction of the fortress on the southern continent has been completed. Please arrange the forces to be stationed there later.”

“I understand.”

Nodding to the report, I continued and took my step.

Grom called out after a short pause.

“…Are you worried about something?”

“I’m just wary about a new problem. It’s not so much to call it a worry.”

I shared the contents of my conversation with Gwen to Grom.

I also explained the countermeasures proposed by her.

Grom was aware about both the Will of the World and the Savior.

So it wouldn’t take long for him to understand how it worked after the explanation.

Grom stroked his chin in a mystified manner.

“Fumu, so we are to prepare a herald and gather the Will of the World onto that person… huh. That is a pretty clever method. I guess it’s as expected of a beast of the outer world.”

“I was thinking of implementing this idea.”

“I agree. It’s a good idea that could minimize the problem. Let’s prepare the suitable herald later.”

“Aah, please do so.”

Grom was involved in various fields of the Demon Lord’s Territory.

He was one of the chief executives that were just below me.

He was also aware of the human resources in each area, so he should be able to prepare someone suitable for this idea.

The conversation stopped there and silence came.

I continued to walk without minding it.

After finishing his report, Grom seemed to stand silently behind me.

Just as I wondered if he would leave as it was, he suddenly said.

“It seems you are worried about something after all. If you don’t mind, can you tell me about it? I promise not to tell anyone else about it.”


I stopped and looked at Grom.

The flame in one of his eyes seemed weakened somehow.

It was smoldering as the wind blew.

As expected, he saw through me.

Even among my subordinates, Grom paid a lot of attention to me.

He often noticed minor changes in my mind and tried to be considerate about it.

I guess he managed that this time as well.

I was certainly worried at the moment.

I turned my eyes away from it, but there was no doubt.

I tried not to face it due to my busy work, but it came to me when I got free time like this.

Perhaps me reconfirming the way of the Demon Lord has ended up becoming counterproductive. 

As I admitted that after being pointed out, I muttered without looking at Grom’s face.

“I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing for Demon Lord-sama to apologize for. It’s my honor for you to consult with me.”

I sensed that Grom gave me a bow.

He spoke calmly.

It was his usual state.

I had no idea what he was thinking inside.

I supposed he was just worried about me.

Yet he didn’t show it in his attitude and kept his stance relaxed to be my counselor.

I shouldn’t waste his good intentions.


I tried to express the worry in my chest.

However, I hesitated reflexively.

I was afraid to speak.

However, I had no option to stop here.

I wasn’t alone.

There were people I could rely on.

I decided to not keep it to myself.

After spending some time stewing with the thought, I finally spewed out my worries.

“—I wish to show the state of the world today to that person.”

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