The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Frozen Ink

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Grom’s shoulder trembled when he heard me.

It seemed that he couldn’t completely hide his agitation.

Grom bemoaned to me.

“That’s, does that mean…”

“I want to revive that person.”

I declared such a statement.

I finally admitted my secret thoughts.

Immediately after, my real intentions overflowed as if a lid opened.

“I am well aware that she shouldn’t be revived. That there are a lot of problems at hands at the moment. However, I can’t abandon my wish.”

“Demon Lord-sama…”

Grom murmured as if he was in pain.

Even as one of my hollow eyes ached, I ignored that and spun my words.

“This wish is not from me as the Demon Lord. It is the wish of me as the Sage, Dwight Howard. The man who was betrayed after saving the world is still a follower of that person even now.”

It was a fact that I had to admit.

The feeling I had from when I was human still remained in the depths of my heart.

Even as I renewed my intention when I climbed the Valley of the Dead, I couldn’t get rid of that feeling.

My smoldering obsession was trying to dispel the responsibility of the Demon Lord.

How pathetic. Truly, how pathetic.

I was stuck with my own thoughts.

If it was a worry, then it was considered a small one.

However, that wasn’t the case.

In my case, it was likely to turn into a scale that would affect the fate of the world.

The moment I became the Demon Lord, my problem was no longer an individual matter.

“When I was executed and tossed into the Valley of the Dead, I felt indignation at my helpless self. If only I could wield my power there, how would my destiny change…? I couldn’t help but think so somewhere in my heart.”

Countless scenes go around in my mind.

The ache on one of my hollow eyes became stronger.

I endured unbearable pain.

I relaxed my body.

As I stopped concentrating a little, the pain was alleviated albeit slightly.

It was only slight, but I felt a little relief.

“I have always been swaying. The fact I did so whenever an important moment arrived was a habit that didn’t change since my days as a human. Unless someone pushed me, I couldn’t come to a decision. Don’t you think that’s pathetic?”

“I-I definitely do not …”

Grom’s words stagnated.

He was looking hard for the correct words, but it seemed he couldn’t find it.

I was aware I was troubling him.

I was just hitting Grom with emotions that I couldn’t endure.

I did that all while being aware that he wouldn’t get angry at me.

It was the worst kind of act.

As I understood that, I fell into further self-loathing.

At that moment, another presence appeared behind Grom.

I stopped my thought and observed.

From the shadow of Grom’s large figure, a face peeked out.

It was Luciana, who was sporting a naughty smile.

As she flapped her wings, she gracefully moved forward.

She spun around me as if dancing and she sang.

“I heard of Demon Lord-sama’s complaints~”

While she was pleased, there was someone who rushed here from afar.

It was Henry who ran with a bow on his back.

He was running as if there was ground in midair.

Henry didn’t have the ability to fly.

When I observed his feet, I saw there was a force field generated there. 

According to my magical perception, it seemed that Luciana was assisting him.

Apparently, the two had come this far.

It was a rare combination.

Luciana put her hands behind her and approached me.

After a meaningful pause, she squinted and looked into my face.

“—That’s an interesting topic. Why not let me hop in on the conversation?”

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