The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Frozen Ink

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I flinched at Luciana’s gaze.

I could feel an endless pressure.

Although she wore a cool expression, it seemed that she was angry.

And her anger was so great that it would be better to call her furious.

Why was Luciana angry?

I wanted to ask, but felt that it would anger her further.

Therefore, I chose not to speak.

Meanwhile, Henry, who stopped in front of Grom, waved his hand.

He then spoke with a light tone.

“You’re being too reserved, commander. Isn’t a topic like this better over a drink?”

“…I shouldn’t ruin the taste of liquor over some worthless worries and complaints, you know?”

“Oi oi, it seems you don’t get it. Keeping things to yourself just ain’t right. Worry about how the booze tastes later.”

Henry shook his head as he sighed.

It was a reaction as if he was teaching a poor student.

As I remained silent without being able to respond, the pressure that Luciana emitted grew stronger.

She spoke in a serious tone.

“Demon Lord-sama.”

“What is it?”

“If you have something you want, why don’t you just make it come true? I think you already know how to realize it.”


I shut my mouth.

It wasn’t an atmosphere where I could go through with deceit. 

I couldn’t deny her words.

Luciana pointed out the correct thing.

Resurrection of the dead was one of the attempts that were considered unfeasible even in the laboratory.

The analysis was still underway, but there was no major result achieved.

However, there were some dramatic changes compared to when the research first began.

That was my ability.

Previously, all I had was something I got from the Valley of the Dead.

In comparison, my influence grew wider and I possessed a large amount of beasts’ abilities at the moment.

In particular, the beast abilities were so diverse.

Most of them could be reproduced with magic, but some had an effect that even surpassed magic.

If I made full use of it and worked together with the director, resurrecting the dead was probably feasible.

I was intuitively convinced of that.1

The power this body possessed already reached the territory where the laws of the world could be distorted.

However, whether or not I should carry it out was another matter altogether.

The accumulated power bore an immeasurable influence.

So much that I was capable of destroying the world with my own two hands.

Because I was conscious about that, I argued with Luciana.

“Even if I knew it was possible, it’s not something I should decide to carry out lightly. The scale was different to the worries I had until now. It’s not something I could arbitrarily decide on my—“

“Okay okay, I understand.”

Luciana spoke up as if to block my words.

She put her index finger on my nose.

As I stopped speaking, Luciana showed her smile.

“Then we can just have everyone here decide. I have no objection about resurrecting the hero. How about you, bone minister?”

“I also agree. It is my honor to fulfill the wish of the Demon Lord-sama.”

Grom folded his arms and gave an immediate answer.

The flame in his one eye regained momentum and was burning with a roaring noise.

Luciana shrugged and turned to Henry.

“I thought you’d say that. How about you?”

“Not only am I not opposing it, I’m look forward to fighting against the resurrected hero. She’s the one with the boss’s swordsmanship, right? I’m actually pretty bothered that I may have got too high of an expectation.”

Henry answered with a ferocious look.

His eyes were shining brightly. 

It was like a hungry beast.

Henry seriously meant that.

Once he knew she was resurrected, he would definitely challenge her.

After hearing the two’s opinions, Luciana turned to me.

She continued to talk with a triumphant look.

“There you have it, three of the executives agree. You can hold a meeting about this if you want further discussion, but I think other executives will also agree.”


I didn’t look at others’ faces and instead looked at the ground.

I couldn’t find any words to reply and had no choice but to shut up with an awkward feeling.

Then Luciana suddenly hit my shoulder.

The impact caused a few bones to be blown away, but she didn’t care and continued.

“You’re being pessimistic about everything. If the resurrection of the hero caused another problem, you could just solve it with your own power. Isn’t it something that you always do?”

“Certainly, that’s right.”

“Geez, you always held your worries alone no matter how many times we told you not to do it… It’s better to fix that habit, you know?”

“…I’m sorry.”

I really couldn’t argue regarding that point.

I always received such sermons whenever I faced a big problem.

It was a bad habit that persisted since my days as a human.

Looking back, I remember being told off frequently by that person as well.

“Well, we have to take care of the matter of the Savior beforehand though. Why won’t you attempt the hero’s resurrection after that?”

“Alright, I will proceed in that direction.”

I accepted Luciana’s proposal.

Grom and Henry seemed to have no objection either.

Luciana’s proposal lacked anything concrete.

She ignored all possible concerns, rather than being bold, it was closer to recklessness.

Even so, I was not worried about it.

Perhaps I got inspired by her positive attitude.

The worries inside my chest were alleviated.

To think that I am planning to revive that person, I guess I am disqualified as a Demon Lord.

IT was out of question as a Demon Lord who sought the well-being of the world.

It was a choice that should never be taken.

But above all, I personally wanted to realize that.

My subordinates also agreed.

It would be a lie if I didn’t have hesitation about it.

However, I now had the courage to move forward.

I didn’t know how the world became when she regained her own life.

Perhaps it wouldn’t reach the result I wanted.

Still, I wished to try.

It was something I needed to do for me to move on.

When I reunite with you, I…

I cut off the thoughts that came to my mind.

First of all, I should solve the problem regarding the Savior first.

Immersing myself in other thoughts could be done after that.

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