The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 230: The Sage Listens to the Results of the Countermeasures

The next day, a candidate for the Savior was already found.

The person was a spy of the Demon Lord’s Army.

That person was originally a spy from the kingdom and was taken prisoner during the invasion of the Demon Lord’s Army, Luciana then approved him to be a spy for the Demon Lord’s Army.

From then on, he supported our activities from behind the scenes.

It seemed that he was currently infiltrating a nation outside the continent.

He forged an identity and was acting as their soldier.

There was a period of time where he participated in Henry’s training, so his abilities were better than most average people.

Furthermore, it was said that he could use holy magic.

It could be said that the qualities of a Savior were fully prepared in him.

All that was left was to make him active in a battlefield like a herald would.

By casting timed reinforcement magic, it would make it seem like he suddenly awakened on the battlefield.

I would order the local Demon Lord’s Army to deliberately arrange a defeat.

By doing so, it would seem like a dramatic victory while reducing unnecessary damage.

If the spy achieved great success in battle, people would begin to refer to him as a herald.

Depending on the situation, it was also a good idea to make a big speech.

Then he could proclaim himself to be the Savior then.

The Will of the World would converge on him.

If these measures were successful, the irregular and unreasonable phenomena could be suppressed.

That enormous power would be concentrated on said spy, and he would be the Savior both in name and in reality.

After that, I would make him declare the plan to subjugate the Demon Lord and play an active part in that.

The fame of the Savior would be used according to the situation of the battlefield in each nation.

To be honest, it was a series of tightrope walks.

There were many uncertainties, and it was hardly a perfect countermeasure.

However, there was no other effective plan.

Above all, it opened up the possibility to grasp the Will of the World that was never available before.

Creating such a possibility alone was already a big step forward.

Even if it failed, I could just prepare something else.

It wasn’t like I invested everything into this one plan.

Even if the Will of the World expressed itself in another form, it was still possible for me to forcibly twist it down.

Of course, considering the current world’s situation, such a result was less desirable.

It would spread excessive despair to the people, so it was a last resort.

After all, the situation wouldn’t improve even if I got unnecessarily worried.

I could just leave it to my excellent subordinates.

We had solved various difficulties together up till now.

I trusted them a lot.

They should feel the same towards me.

For the next few days, I went on with my normal duties.

The Demon Lord’s Army had various problems other than the Savior.

The war of aggression broke out in various locations.

Although we barely had enough manpower, there were a lot of projects that needed my direct instructions.

If there was even a delay, it would cause a great deal of trouble everywhere.

As it may possibly cause a large amount of casualties, it wasn’t something I could overlook.

While being rushed by such matters, time passed in the blink of an eye.

One day, I was alone in the audience hall.

I was thinking about the distribution of forces from the information on each battlefield.

While looking at a few documents, Grom knocked on the door and entered.

He swayed and kneeled in front of me in a tense manner.

“I-I have a report.”

“It’s about the Savior, isn’t it?”

I heard that it’s about time for the spy to be made into the Savior.

I thought Grom came to ask for the green light.

Grom nodded at my confirmation.

I felt a disturbing premonition.

I quickly realized that it would be bad news.

After minutes of silence, he uttered the report.

“In various locations, people claiming to be the Savior are appearing one after another… our strategy is a failure.”

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