The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 232: The Sage Uses the Saviors

That day, I went to another continent in the morning.

I flew into the sky and looked down at the ground.

Beyond my gaze, two armies were about to collide.

One was led by a self-proclaimed Savior.

He instigated an attack on a neighboring nation under the justification of defeating heretics.

He was formerly a bishop of a church, now he held a high post in the military.

The other army was the other nation that was declared war against.

They went to sortie for defense, but it seemed that they intended to march to invade if the battle situation was in their favor.

They wanted the underground resources that were located beyond their border.

Shortly after, both armies fired their arrows.

The soldiers in the front row used guns.

Even as casualties were piling from the first attack, both sides didn’t stop.

On the contrary, they were gradually closing their distance.

They were trying to proceed to melee as it was.

Both armies thought of the same thing.

Even if I warned them to stop, I guess it would be meaningless.

I braced the weapon I carried on my shoulder.

It was a type of gun known as a sniper rifle.

It was developed in the laboratory using John Doe’s memories as reference.

I brought it with me to test its performance this time.

I imbued the loaded bullet with miasma.

The sniper rifle quickly dyed black and made a small squeaking noise.

It seemed to protest as the burden of miasma spread to the gun.

I looked through the scope and aimed with the magnified view.

Then, I pulled the trigger and fired.

The bullet was fired at a super-fast speed and hit the chest of the Savior who commanded the army.

At that moment, his upper body exploded.

Pieces of flesh and viscera were torn apart and scattered.

He obviously died in an instant.

There would be no resurrection.

Following the death of the Savior, the morale of his army fell.

The chain of command was disturbed and scattered.

The other nation was trying to make use of the moment to attack.

I immediately dropped a black lightning bolt from overhead.

The lightning was filled with miasma, it struck the people down and transformed them into undead.

As both armies were attacked by the undead, they were forced to retreat.

They returned to their respective territories while suffering enormous casualties.

In the end, both armies left without being able to pursue the opposing side.

This will prevent them from going to war again for the time being.

As I observed the sight on the ground, I lowered the sniper rifle.

Originally, this was an area where the influence of the Demon Lord was weak.

It seemed that the conflict hadn’t stopped since the time of the predecessor Demon Lord.

They should learn a little from this opportunity.

That humans have no leisure to be aggressive with each other in this era.

I gathered the undead wandering around the battlefield and transferred them to the nearest Demon Lord’s Army base.

The local subordinates have complained about the lack of forces, so it was convenient.

Having that amount of additional forces should resolve their problems.

The fame of the Savior was exploding around the world.

The rumors were spreading at an unusual rate.

In some regions, they even earned deified disposition.

In many cases, prominent and powerful people claimed to be the Savior.

Simply put, they used the name for political and religious purposes.

It gave an extra spur to the progress of the situation.

In addition, there were cases where those who claimed to be a Savior proceed to take military actions.

The battle I just stopped was one of those examples.

I didn’t mind if they pointed their hostility towards the Demon Lord’s Army, but I couldn’t overlook it if they used the opportunity to kill fellow humans.

Therefore, I ended up interfering with them like this.

It was no longer possible to cover up the existence of the Savior.

The Demon Lord’s Army had tried to manipulate the information, but it had already become known all over the world.

The name of the Savior has become synonymous with heralds nowadays.

Their fame had exceeded that of the former hero’s.

By nature, their fame did not necessarily reflect their strength.

However, the more people claimed to be a Savior, the more great achievements and activities they would accumulate.

As a result, the value of the Savior kept increasing.

Those who had seen and heard heraldic epics would be filled with longing, awe, or desire to compete.

Those who were particularly inspired would become a Savior themselves and imitate their actions.

This kept repeating over and over.

I never thought it would develop into this in such a short period of time…

This was caused by the feelings of those who craved for heralds, the indeterminate form of rumors, and how the name of a Savior kept echoing.

Various elements were intertwined in a miraculous way.

This was the true nature of the Will of the World.

However, all of this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

In conclusion, the Demon Lord’s Army was making use of this situation.

By taking advantage of the influence of the Savior, we’ve guided them to point their hostility towards the Demon Lord’s Army.

The spies and intelligence personnel hiding within the nations were thoroughly manipulating the situation behind the scenes.

In addition, the invasion of the Demon Lord’s Army has put a moderate amount of pressure on those nations.

Those who felt a sense of crisis were guided to face the imminent threat.

Even before the Savior appeared, people wanted the hero to return.

That desire led to this situation.

Following the flow of desire, the Savior was “a bearer of hope who would subjugate the Demon Lord other than the Hero.”

Even if left alone, they would eventually come to kill me.

The Demon Lord’s Army was acting in anticipation of that.

As we understood that we couldn’t stop the emergence of Saviors, we made an effort to adjust the situation.

The conflict between humans, like what happened just now, hadn’t completely disappeared, but the frequency of it has decreased compared to before the emergence of the Savior.

There were some nations that had brought up alliances and peace treaties with the common goal of subduing the Demon Lord.

The flow of the world was moving according to my expectations.

It didn’t matter how many Saviors there were.

It would be convenient if they could bring the people together and prevent conflicts from arising between nations.

They might not be aware of it, but this has become a good cooperation.

They felt like an ally to me.

In general, the Saviors were doing actions that befit their namesake.

I wished for them to keep contributing to the peace just like that.

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