The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 235: The Sage’s Plan is Crushed

I started investigating around the world.

It was because I wondered if the death of the Saviors was some sort of mistake.

I didn’t doubt the information brought in by the spies, but it was just too sudden for me.

But soon, I came to know the information to be true.

Recently, everyone who claimed to be a Savior has died.

This wasn’t some sort of fluke as they were really dead.

Their causes of death varied.

Most that happened were killed in battle and by illness, but I didn’t mind those.

Although it did feel weird since they occurred around the same time, they were still normal causes of deaths.

Given the world and the people’s health’s situation, it wasn’t that suspicious.

The notable ones were other causes of death.

The most common was accidental death, and the details were problematic.

Just remembering a concrete example was enough to make my head hurt.

There were those who fell from the second floor and broke their neck.

There were those who had a vase that happened to fall on their head while they were walking around the city, and killed them instantly.

There were those who stumbled on pebbles then got run over by a carriage as they fell.

There were those who suffered mysterious explosions and died as their whole body blew apart when they brewed medicine.

There were those who happened to get struck by natural lightning, which wasn’t made by magic, and died just like that.

There were those who got caught in a pit a child dug, then the soil plugged their breathing, and caused them to die from suffocation.

All of them were trivial and highly accidental accidents.

These were supposed to just be an unfortunate event, but these had accounted for about 80% of the causes of death this time.

As expected, it wasn’t something I could overlook.

Therefore, I visited the accident sites and investigated it myself.

However, I found no trace of suspicious magic or special abilities to be found there, and the possibility that it was done to assassinate them disappeared.

In other words, they were complete accidents.

Such misfortunes befell only the Saviors all over the world at the same period of time.

Bluntly put, it was ridiculous.

So much so that I thought it was some sort of sick joke.

However, it was an unmistakable fact.

These were phenomena caused by the Will of the World without a doubt.

I couldn’t think of any other possibilities.

They were phenomena that belonged to the other end of miracles, but they held the same meaning as making something that couldn’t normally happen, occur.


What is the purpose of this?

After returning to my room, I was deep in thought while referring to the documents collected from various places.

The Will of the World was made up of the people’s desire.

The thoughts that wished for the sudden death of the Saviors were most likely a minority.

The majority were accepting their activities positively.

Considering the difference in the amount of feelings, the Will of the World shouldn’t have gone out of control like this.

This was because it should have prioritized the desire of the majority.

There were times the Savior awakened some sort of mighty abilities to kill me.

But for them to all die suddenly was clearly weird.

It was a phenomenon that was too mysterious.

The unprecedented situation drove the world into turmoil.

The fact that they happened during the time the influence of the Saviors was great also played a huge factor.

Due to successive accidental deaths occurring, the damage spread in all directions.

The Demon Lord’s Army had responded to the Saviors’ actions accordingly, but it all went to waste.

The shortcoming of the Will of the World had been revealed this time.

Originally, it was supposed to attract people’s desires and realize them.

But for some reason, it led to a worse outcome this time.

It was clear that nobody benefited from this.

Perhaps this is a sign of something?

I clawed at my head while looking for the true cause of the deaths.

I thought of various possibilities, but no clear answer came to me.

For the time being, we should continue to investigate.

I had a bad feeling about this somehow.

I doubt that the effect of the Will of the World going out of control would end with just this.

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