The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Kitty

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Chapter 236: The Sage Considers the Death of Saviors

I made my way to the underground area of the laboratory where Gwen was located.

It was to talk to her regarding this event.

Gwen was among the few people who were very familiar with the Will of the World.

As the beast of the Outer World, she had experience at taking measures against the Will of the World.

Perhaps I could get some answers from her.

When I transferred in, Gwen was asleep on the couch.

I felt like I always saw her lying there.

She woke up as she sensed my presence and raised her upper body with a happy expression on her face.

“Hey hey, you came to see me early this time. So I finally got promoted to a heroine role!”

“That’s just your misunderstanding.”

“You’re still a dry person as usual. Well, that’s how Havelt-san is after all.”

Gwen stood up quietly and moved to the sofa.

She beckoned me to the sofa across from her.

She seemed to want to talk over there.

I obediently did as she asked and sat down on the sofa.

As Gwen leaned forward, she immediately cut to the chase.

“Since you came here, it means a problem has occurred, right?”

“That’s right. I want to ask your opinion about it.”

I explained the circumstances so far. Gwen curiously interjected, before putting her hand on her mouth halfway through the topic.

She looked at me with a delighted, disturbing smile on her face.

I didn’t think the things I talked about were particularly interesting, but her eyes were shining with fascination.

After listening to the story, Gwen fell back against the backrest.

As she exhaled, she had a slightly amazed expression on her face.

“So slaughter towards the Saviors occured… How to say this, most of them suffered ridiculous, gag-like deaths. Isn’t it a little surreal?”

“Why did this happen? Do you know the cause?”

“I have a hunch on the matter.”

Gwen answered immediately.

Contrary to her playful words and deeds, her eyes were calm.

She must have thought of the reason while I was still explaining earlier.

As expected, she wasn’t a person that could be underestimated.

Gwen crossed her legs and said with a low voice.

“In short, those people died because they weren’t qualified vessels to be Saviors. The reason the destiny of death is drawn toward them is because of Rejection.”

“Rejection, you say?”

Gwen nodded at my response.

She continued to explain while making gestures.

“As the threat of the Demon Lord in this generation increased, so did the people’s wish for Heralds. Basically, it increased the value of Heralds. However, many people around the world then claimed to be Saviors, making Heralds obsolete. Needless to say, the quality would deteriorate.”

Gwen’s explanation was correct.

Saviors appeared in various locations, but not all of them were decent people.

There were common mercenaries who claimed to be one, and there were more than a few villains who made use of that name.

The evaluations of Saviors vary greatly.

Looking at the average quality of Saviors, it was definitely deteriorating.

If people’s impressions all over the world were gathered, there would be plenty of bad impressions mixed in.

“While the Saviors were enthusiastic about their activities, people have noticed the fact that the Saviors are no match for the Demon Lord. They have such thoughts deep in their hearts.

“And the result of their disappointment is the massacre of Saviors that happened recently.”

“I think so. Some people might have been able to earn potential as Heralds, but all of them were cut off altogether. How unfortunate they are.”

Gwen laughed half-heartedly as she expressed her sympathy.

It was clear she didn’t mean it.

From her perspective, the death of Saviors was something pleasant.

She didn’t even try to hide it.

I didn’t find her reaction annoying.

I was the one who consulted with her.

I was also familiar with Gwen’s personality.

I chose to rely on her despite knowing her tastelessness.

Still, there was no doubt that she was a capable person.

Gwen definitely knew which options to take in this situation.

I just had to listen to her views on the matter.

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