The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Kitty

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Chapter 239: The Sage Concerns the World Beyond

I killed the Flame Spear and occupied the city.

The undead had overrun the remaining people.

There was some desperate resistance, but their effort hardly meant anything in the end.

The undead, which were initially a hundred, had now grown into tens of thousands.

It was the result of transforming humans in the city.

Over the last few years, the anti-undead measures had progressed to the point where short chants produced great results.

Inexpensive magic weapons enchanted with holy attributes have also appeared.

It was all for the sake of destroying me, the Demon Lord, and my subordinates.

However, their countermeasures weren’t perfect.

Powerful undead had resistance to holy attributes.

The miasma covering their whole body protected them from its effects.

The undead under me more or less had resistance to it.

In addition, they also boasted an overwhelming number, so even if some were defeated, the actual damage was small.

Even if they were all defeated by attacks, I could just remove the holy aura and reassemble them as new undead.

Such half-assed countermeasures were still within my calculation.

The battle was decided.

All I needed to do was to transfer my subordinates and leave it to them.

By connecting to the nearest Demon Lord’s Army through telepathy, I could transfer some of them to the city.

Then I would send some of the undead in the city toward the Demon Lord’s Army over there.

This would eliminate the shortage of soldiers in both locations.

Once that business was over with, I transferred to another continent.

There were more things to do.

I had to take them over one after another.

I was looking down on a small continent.

It was made up of countless small nations and two large nations, and they refused to interact with people on the other side of the sea.

These two large nations had been fighting for years.

They were in a cold war due to my actions, but such a stance collapsed once their Saviors suffered accidental deaths.

Both of them concluded it was a conspiracy of other nations and their relationships worsened.

A full-scale war would occur at this rate and many people would be sacrificed.

I could deploy the Demon Lord’s Army there, but the bad relations between the two were serious.

They would likely continue to fight while ignoring the casualties from the undead.

Because of that, I decided I had to use more aggressive means to solve it.

“Well then, let’s begin.”

I conjured a magic powered sword with one hand and raised the tip straight up.

Then I poured about 100 times the normal amount of magic power into the sword.

As I kept the magic construct from collapsing, the sword expanded to a tremendous size.

When it had finished growing, it became long enough to touch the horizon.

Then I poured miasma into the sword on top of that, which dyed the ginormous magic powered sword black.

As a finishing touch, I made use of my beasts’ abilities to strengthen it further.

The magic powered sword that received multiple improvements contained overwhelming destructive power.

It had pale sparks shooting off all over the sword, making squeaking noises as they were set off.

If the swords’ energy backlashed on me, my body would explode.

It was incredibly difficult to keep it under control.

After stabilizing its shape, I turned my gaze to the ground.

Using perception magic, I carefully confirmed that there was no human in the area I planned to strike.

Once I was convinced there was no problem, I swung down the magic powered sword.

The black aura slash was launched, traversing the continent below in a straight line.

With a roaring rumble, the immovable earth was torn in two.

I immediately used space magic.

I blocked the cut surface of the continent and prevented it from collapsing from its edge.

After that, I manipulated the ocean current and guided it to the opening.

Then I pulled the torn earth further apart.

When I had finished, the continent was divided into two parts by the sea.

As the entire continent was cut apart, the conflicting nations were physically separated from each other.

The sea between the two had dense miasma smog covering the area.

Due to its nature, humans were definitely unable to pass through.

I think I overdid it a little, but it still went according to plan.

That would end the conflict.

The two nations could no longer fight each other.

There must be great turmoil in the two continents.

However, if they learned the Demon Lord’s Army has invaded from all sides, they wouldn’t have time to consider anything else.

I guess I should move on to the next stage…

I recalled my conversation with Gwen.

The Will of the World which was supposed to go toward the Savior was left stagnant somewhere.

The timing was unknown, but it would eventually emerge.

What kind of form would it present itself as?

I had no way to take action at the moment.

Preparing potential Heralds to be replaced was dangerous.

It likely would have ended up like the Savior’s case.

Even if it was done now, there wouldn’t be much meaning.

It might be a delayed move, but I have no choice but to wait until it appears.

The next Herald that appeared would surely be unique compared to what had appeared before.

That person would inherit the power that countless Saviors couldn’t. 

Since it was made on the consideration of defeating my current self, it would likely be an anomalous Herald.

I have to be careful.

I was the aberrant evil that slayed justice.

A normal evil was destined to collapse, but it was the mission of the current generation of Demon Lord to overturn that fate.

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1 year ago

Holy shit, he cut apart a continent! Somebody put this man on Death Battle…