The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 242: The Sage comes up with a Plan

“Originally, this phenomenon wouldn’t be possible. It happened because the Will of the World somehow triggered before the collective power expanded too greatly. Perhaps the reason it didn’t go that far is some sort of malfunction itself.”

“…I guess it’s because I’ve overturned my fate too many times.”

“Probably so. It seems the distortion that was created by your accumulated resistance finally exploded.”

The Great Spirit’s guess was surely correct.

The Will of the World was irreversible in principle.

Once an existence was targeted by it, even a superior existence like a defense mechanism could be slain.

I was the only exception, someone who benefited from the Valley of the Dead.

Now that I thought about it, various uproars have occurred after I became the Demon Lord.

I solved them all with brute force each time, but there would be hidden problems piling up each time it happened.

It seemed that those hidden problems finally appeared this time.

“The Virtual Savior will continue to destroy the Demon Lord’s Army. It will eventually reach you as well.”


I agreed with the Great Spirit’s words, practically having the same opinion myself.

Although the Virtual Savior was fierce, it only targeted the remote regions for now.

It was probably because those places were where the people’s consciousness about the Demon Lord’s Army was the nearest.

Everyone wanted to eliminate the problems that were close to them.

That was why it didn’t aim directly at me, but instead struck the regions next to them.

However, as more people have their expectations in the future, the greater the damage would become.

Once the activity and the strength of the Virtual Savior became known, more wishes would be piled on it.

In other words, it would become a wish to slaughter me.

People might not desire it so much at the moment.

It meant that the majesty of the current generation’s Demon Lord was just that great.

The moment people think that the Virtual Savior will be able to compete, it is sure to bare its fangs at me.

If it really reaches that stage, will I really be able to resist it?

To be honest, I had no idea.

Perhaps I would be slaughtered without being able to resist.

It was quite possible.

Even as I drew such an expectation, I was calm.

There was nothing to be panicked about.

It was something I already knew about before the Great Spirit talked about it.

As the Great Spirit saw my appearance, she asked to confirm my will.

“Are you going to fight against this shapeless justice?”

“Of course I am. I’m not that good of a person to obediently let myself be defeated.”

If I accepted my death here, I wouldn’t become an undead in the Valley of the Dead to begin with.

I was that persistent.

One could consider it an extraordinary obsession.

“It would be absolutely impossible to kill that opponent through physical means. It is fundamentally different to the heralds you’ve faced until now.”

“I know. Even so, I have no intention of giving up.”

“…It sounds like you have some sort of plan.”

“I just came up with it, though. There are still a lot of uncertainties as it is, but I think it could probably succeed.”

I came up with this strategy during my conversation with the Great Spirit.

I had a reasonable chance of victory.

It was well worth trying, with some preparations and verifications beforehand.

After collecting my thoughts, I bowed towards the Great Spirit.

“It was valuable information. Thank you.”

“I’m merely stating the facts I’ve noticed. Your future destiny depends on your own effort.”

“Aah, that’s right. I will definitely overcome it.”

When I said so, the Great Spirit disappeared silently.

She must have acted behind the scenes as well.

She should be busy fulfilling her duties as a defense mechanism.

I really appreciated her helping me this way despite how busy she was.

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