The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 243: The Sage is Pushed by the Momentum of His Subordinates

As I was revising the plan I came up with, the door opened with a crash.

Diella kicked the door open, and Yuura was following behind her.

What on earth are they here for?

As I wondered about it, the two entered the room.

When Diella suddenly stopped, she raised her eyebrows and sniffed the air.

“…The Great Spirit was just here, wasn’t she?”

“Aah, she provided important information.”

As I answered, Diella did a weird action.

She behaved as though she was sniffing something; was the Great Spirit leaving some sort of scent?

As an immortal, I had lost my sense of smell and taste.

Looking at the Great Spirit’s appearance, I didn’t think she left a smell.

However, Diella’s behavior was always bizarre.

Reading too deep into her didn’t have much meaning.

Since Yuura was also tilting her head confusedly, I guess I could leave Diella alone.

I told them of my conversation with the Great Spirit.

Most of the contents were confidential matters, but telling them should be fine.

Diella was sitting in a chair and grumbling with her arms folded.

“A Virtual Savior, huh. That sure is a difficult enemy.”

“Problem found — the opponent is a kind of special phenomenon. It seems impossible to kill.”

“I also think the same. Even if it is you, I don’t think you have a way to defeat it, right?”

Diella and Yuura gave their opinions together.

I hadn’t explained the essential strategy to them yet.

Regarding this, a specific part hadn’t been decided yet.

Instead, I was thinking of telling them as soon as the plan was finalized.

Talking about an unstable plan would only cause unnecessary confusion and anxiety.

I answered the two questions.

“It is certainly impossible as it is, but it can be solved by devising a strategy.”

“As expected of the tactician who defeated me… It seems your wisdom hasn’t diminished since then.”

Diella said so with satisfaction.

Within her brilliantly shining eyes were the aspirations of the Previous Demon Lord.

Although Diella’s behavior was generally deplorable, it hid that essence of hers that was as strong as it was in our days as nemeses back then.

Similarly, it seemed she also had not diminished.

“And, what should we do?”

“I want you to support the Demon Lord’s Army from all around the world. Please earn me as much time as possible.”

“Kuhaha, such a mission doesn’t have much challenge to me!”

Diella exclaimed with raucous laughter.

As she stood up vigorously, she pumped her fist and ran out the door.

“Let’s go, Yuura! It’s time to receive some debt from the current generation’s Demon Lord!”

“I agree with the proposal of the individual named Diella — proceeding to support the master.”

Yuura glanced at me, pumped her fist a little, and left the room.

She bowed and closed the door.

As I was left alone, I stiffened while resting my cheek in my hand.

After confirming the two’s presences were moving away, I sat back in the chair.

I haven’t told them where to go though… Oh well.

Why did they come here to begin with?

I hadn’t heard their purpose of visiting at all.

I couldn’t understand those two.

If I was still a human, I would feel like sighing right now.

However, they were also enthusiastic for my sake.

I was honestly happy that they’re motivated.

The instructions itself could be relayed using telepathy so there was no problem.

After stretching my back, I resumed forming up the strategy.

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