The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 244: The Sage Hears of the Archer’s Great Achievement

I went to a battlefield that night.

During the battle between the Demon Lord’s Army and another nation, the phenomenon that was thought to be the Virtual Savior occurred.

It seemed the phenomenon was successfully repelled, so I decided to ask the person involved about the situation.

The transfer destination was a side of wilderness.

Undead were wandering around.

Most of them were ghouls in armor.

They were still fresh corpses, with dense blood stains all over the ground.

So the battle was fought here.

The roaming undead should be the soldiers killed in action.

The undead glanced at me, but they passed by without being too concerned about me.

The reason they didn’t attack me was because they were undead created by the necromancer of our side.

There were users of necromancy within the Demon Lord’s Army.

Necromancy was an art that was rejected by the general public, but they were very effective on the battlefield.

It was possible to use them to search for enemies just like this.

I possessed the superior ability known as the authority of death, so I barely got the chance to use necromancy.

Even so, there was no doubt it was a useful ability.

After passing through the undead search network, I found a place that seemed to be an abandoned village ahead. 

There were people who used magical lights to camp there.

They were the Demon Lord’s Army dispatched to the site.

They, who have fought war away from the base, were grilling meat on an iron plate and eating.

They seemed to be very lively and I could hear their loud laughter and cheers constantly.

They are tough people.

There were piles of corpses beside them.

All of them belonged to enemy soldiers.

It was the excess amount that the necromancers were unable to turn into undead.

The number of undead that could be raised by a necromancer depended on the skill of the user.

There were several necromancers in this unit, but it seemed that they weren’t enough to control all the undead on their own.

However, the number of undead around was considerable.

It seemed the skill level of the necromancers was quite high.

Speaking of necromancers, there were strange rumors…

Although it was unconfirmed information, it seemed that Grom and Yuura were gathering their subordinate magicians and aiming to improve the standing of necromancy.

They told an exaggerated anecdote about me and preached the usefulness of necromancy.

Furthermore, it was said that those who had not yet learned necromancy were given special training on it.

I once brought this topic up to those two, but they kept trying to steer the conversation away.

Considering how suspicious their behaviors were, its credibility was high.

Perhaps they were trying to show the majesty of the Demon Lord by spreading necromancy to the subordinates.

It was something they were likely to do.

It might be difficult at the moment due to how the current situation was, but once the situation calmed down, I would ask Luciana to do an internal investigation.

As I was thinking about something unnecessary, those who were having supper noticed me.

They genuflected in a hurry.

Perhaps they thought they would be blamed for being lively and noisy earlier.

Among them, there was a person who approached me with liquor and meat in hand.

It was Henry who laughed with a flushed expression.

He talked to me while munching on his meat.

“Hey, Commander. It’s rare for you to personally visit the battlefield.”

“There’s something I’m curious about, you see.”

I used multiple spells while responding to Henry.

I investigated the region around us with the abandoned village as its center.

I searched carefully from every angle, but I couldn’t find any clue regarding the Virtual Savior.

Only traces of the battle could be found.

Since I couldn’t find anything noteworthy, I dispelled the magic.

Meanwhile, Henry asked me a question while chugging his liquor.

“Did you find something out?”

“I found out that I don’t understand anything.”

Henry’s face twisted strangely when he heard my reply.

He silently bit the meat and began to chew.

He swallowed it slowly and then spoke.

“…Do you mean that as a joke?”

“Of course I seriously mean it. It is an important verification.”

I nodded then changed the topic.

“I heard that you intercepted the assailant.”

“Aah, I really felt chills on my spine this time…”

Henry explained the situation in a mystified tone.

The Demon Lord’s Army dispatched to this land was attacking the army of the other nation while using the undead.

The Demon Lord’s Army was always dominant in the battle, and the battle situation was where they could expand the territory as it was.

However, near the end of the battle, a corner of the Demon Lord’s Army was suddenly attacked.

The undead exploded without warning, and waves of destruction spread from there.

Henry, the local commander, rushed to the immediate vicinity.

He shot an arrow when he sensed something, but the destructive phenomenon didn’t subside.

According to Henry, it seemed his arrows just passed through it.

Still not giving up, Henry repeated his attacks.

He was trying to calm the destructive phenomenon while defeating the armies of other nations.

As he inspired his subordinates, he launched a two-way attack.

According to his subordinates, his actions were akin to that of a demon god.

After a chaotic and fierce battle, the Demon Lord’s Army succeeded in forcing the army of another nation to retreat.

By that time, the destructive phenomenon seemed to have disappeared.

After that, it has stayed silent without any suspicious attacks.

And so, the Demon Lord’s Army, led by Henry, managed to repel the Virtual Savior.

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