The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 245: The Sage Finds a Breakthrough

Although it sounds ridiculous… I think it’s really true.

I glanced at Henry.

He casually munched on roasted meat.

Then, he slurped at his liquor to wash it down to his throat.

There was no sign of him stopping during our conversation.

If he weren’t already talking with me, he would likely go and pick up another serving of meat from the iron plate.

The contents of Henry’s conversation was a bit vague, but I could roughly understand what he meant.

He was an anomalous existence after all.

He managed to instinctively perceive the Virtual Savior, that even I was unable to detect, and managed to repel it away.

Henry had no talent for magic.

I think he was able to detect it using his innate intuition.

He managed to resist an existence that was supposedly unperceivable and suppressed the casualties of the Demon Lord’s Army to a minimum. There could be nothing but praise for his achievements.

Even though he managed to accomplish such a feat, the person in question seemed to feel regretful.

“Even so, it’s a shame I missed the assailant. Perhaps if it were the Commander’s magic instead, you might have been able to finish it.”

“It would have been hard even with my power. Don’t worry about it.”

I didn’t say that to comfort him.

It was a genuine fact.

No matter how strong my power was, it wouldn’t be effective against the Virtual Savior.

It was doubtful I could even repel it like Henry did.

I would like to tell him the discovery from my conversation with the Great Spirit, but we were in public at the moment.

Given the danger of getting eavesdropped by a third party, it wasn’t something that ought to be talked about outdoors.

I whispered to Henry.

“Regarding the truth of this phenomenon, we’ll talk more about it later.”

“…Aah, I’m looking forward to it.”

Henry deepened his smile as he understood my intentions.

Although his free speech tone and actions stood out, he was someone who could read the room well.

Otherwise, there was no way he could be a warrior who led a large army.

Although he would sometimes choose to ignore the atmosphere instead, he was good at grasping and manipulating the whole flow as far as the battlefield was concerned.

“Please return the Demon Lord’s Army to the base as it is. You don’t have to hurry.”

“Roger. I’ll contact you as soon as it’s done.”


After conveying the instructions, I returned to the audience hall with a transfer.

While checking on the newly piled documents, I immediately contacted Luciana with telepathy.

“Can I have a moment?”

“Okay, what is it?”

“I want to hold a meeting tonight. Do you have time?”

When I asked, there was a pondering hum on the other side.

Perhaps she was mentally adjusting her schedule.

Shortly after, Luciana replied.

“Alright. I’ll do my best to free up some time.”

“Aah, please do.”

I ended the telepathy there.

Luciana agreed to attend the meeting without asking about the specific agenda.

Perhaps she understood how serious the matter was from my tone.

I was grateful that it saved me the extra effort.

I’ll have to contact the other executives later.

We would gather together to discuss and report.

It was a crucial decision that would influence the situation of the Demon Lord’s Army — nay, the whole world.

I couldn’t decide on my own.

There was a high yield from the investigations this time.

I managed to understand the characteristics of the Virtual Savior, as vague as it might be.

I hadn’t found anything until now, but I was finally able to get an outline.

It was thanks to Henry’s success.

The expected solution for the problem would probably be effective as well.

It was not a mere solution either.

It seemed the current worries could be resolved at once.

All that remained was to make appropriate preparations and execute them.

There were still uncertainties, but that wasn’t enough to stop me from moving forward.

It was time to strengthen my resolve.

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