The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 247 – The Sage Invites Expert

At that moment, the atmosphere of the place clearly transformed.

There was a sense of tension where one couldn’t speak casually.

Those who had an unscrupulous attitude also stopped what they were doing.

Under such a situation, Logan was the first to open his mouth.

He muttered with a rugged expression.

“The previous hero, don’t tell me it’s…”

“Claire Vaton. The hero who once defeated the previous Demon Lord.”

I affirmed.

The newest hero was the young man I killed as a Demon Lord.

He was a hero who awakened the power of the holy sword.

Therefore, the previous hero referred to that person.

“That’s a nostalgic name.”

Diella muttered as she looked up to the ceiling.

I couldn’t see her expression from where I stood.

What does the previous Demon Lord have in mind about this?

Since it would be boorish to ask, I decided to continue the topic.

“I was thinking of reviving that person. It was something I always had in mind ever since I became the Demon Lord.”

I kept hesitating on whether to fulfill this wish.

Given my position as the Demon Lord, it was something that should be prevented.

However, I had already decided to stop going roundabout on it.

I had a strong will.

There were also circumstances to support it.

There was no reason to hesitate.

At the edge of my vision, Luciana put her hand on her cheek.

She squinted and asked me.

“You sure are greedy to aim for three goals at once… is it possible to accomplish?”

“The rough method has already been decided. As long as I prepare well, I will succeed without fail.”

Verifications and considerations were already underway.

Experiments and preparation required several steps, but it wouldn’t take long to go through all of them.

At that time, Grom raised his hand.

“Demon Lord-sama, may I ask a question?”

“Aah, I don’t mind.”

“Why are you trying to fulfill three goals at once? I would have thought that we should plan them separately, given the current circumstances and the danger…”

Grom’s question was probably what most people here had in mind.

It would be confusing if I didn’t explain.

In particular, resurrecting that person didn’t seem related to the other two goals whatsoever.

Considering the world’s situation, perhaps it would be better to postpone it.

At the very least, it wasn’t a matter that needed to be resolved urgently.

However, it was actually deeply related to the matter.

To make it known, I answered Grom’s question.

“There is a logical reasoning to accomplishing those three things at once. By associating those three things, the probability of success for each objective would increase. Let me explain in detail.”

Nobody seemed to oppose it.

Everyone was in a position to listen.

I started talking about what I had thought in advance.

“First of all, regarding the Virtual Savior, I noticed its characteristics after several investigations.”

“Characteristics, you say?”

Henry, whose glass was now empty, had a question mark pop up inside his head.

I nodded to his reaction.

“The Virtual Savior is not an existence that gives humanity the chance to fight back against the Demon Lord. The sole purpose of this phenomenon is to destroy the Demon Lord’s Army.”

Although the frequency and location of the occurrence appeared to be irregular, I noticed some similarities while organizing the innumerable sighting reports.

There was no doubt the Virtual Savior was an enemy of the Demon Lord’s Army.

However, it definitely didn’t take the initiative to help humanity.

It would appear suddenly, cause damage, then leave.

No other phenomenon was shown, only the time and place of the phenomenon changed as it repeated itself.

By focusing on this point, I scrutinized the battle information on the Virtual Savior.

As a result, I noticed a strange condition of its appearance.

The Virtual Savior intervened in the battle of the Demon Lord’s Army and another nation several times.

But all of them were in situations where the other army could resist decently.

In other words, it wouldn’t appear in a one sided overrun, which meant that it wasn’t there to give humanity the chance to fight back.

It would only intervene if the battle was in a state where the victor wasn’t clear yet.

That was one of the factors that allowed Henry to repel the Virtual Savior.

His swift actions to rout the troops of other nations rendered the condition of the Virtual Savior’s emergence invalid.

“The driving force of the Virtual Savior is the hopes and wishes of the people. If the people on site have lost hope, the existence could no longer maintain their existence.”

Defeat on the battlefield would directly link to death.

Limited to the battles against the Demon Lord’s Army, they would instead be turned into ugly undead instead upon death.

As people lost themselves to fear, they had no composure to hold on to hope.

As a result, the Virtual Savior was unable to exert its power.

We referred to it as the Savior for convenience, but it was actually just a phenomenon that specialized in slaughter.

It wouldn’t try to help the people who didn’t want to die.

It just so happened that they indirectly rescued people as a result whenever it occurred.

That kind of characteristic was somewhat similar to a defense mechanism.

Yuura raised her hand at this moment.

Everyone’s gaze shifted from me to her.

Yuura spoke without hesitation.

“Question to master — We understand its characteristics and how to repel it, but that wouldn’t completely eliminate it. What will we do about that?

“I’ll explain that now. Come in.”

I sent the signal.

There was a noise behind the door of the room.

The door was slowly opened after being knocked on several times.

The person who entered the room greeted us lightly with exaggerated movements.

“Hello, good day to you! I’m everyone’s idol, Gwen-san!”

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