The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 248: The Sage Leaves the Explanation to the Beast

Gwen made the cheerful remark as she took on a bizarre pose. 

She seemed to think it was cool.

On the other hand, the executives barely reacted to it at all.

A subtle atmosphere began to fill the room.

Gwen, the one who had caused all that, dropped her pose in wonder.

She put a hand on her hip and pouted.

“Arara, the atmosphere became cold. Did I slip up earlier?”

“Hey, Demon Lord-sama. That troublesome woman escaped her confinement. I think it’s best to just kill her.”

“I also agree. Just having her in my sight is making my eyes rot.”

Luciana and Grom tag teamed against Gwen.

At a time like this, the two showed amazing cooperation.

“Wait a minute. Don’t you think that’s too violent towards such a harmless beauty? In the first place, I didn’t escape from confinement, Havelt-san invited me to come here.”

Gwen excused herself without changing her easygoing attitude.

Logan, on the other hand, frowned and told me his opinion.

“That woman is dangerous. You shouldn’t have let her out.”

“Geez, you’re all exaggerating. Most of my power has already been absorbed by Havelt-san, so I’m really unable to do anything in my current state. Besides, we are discussing things like the Virtual Savior and hero right now, so I didn’t come here just to pull a prank. I can read the room that much, at least.”

“Gwen is under the constraints of multiple spells. If she does anything suspicious, they will activate and kill her instantly.”

She was kept under check through various beasts’ abilities and forbidden spells.

Since I already absorbed most of her power, it was almost impossible for her to survive the consequences.

“That’s how it is! Really, it makes me want to complain with just how wary you are of me since he set up all those measures! I tried to release some, but I would definitely die if it activates. Geez, I would sue you for this if it didn’t happen in this world.”

Gwen put her hands on her waist and frowned playfully.

That should be her way of joking or acting.

That was why I then pointed out in a cold tone.

“The topic is getting derailed. Start explaining.”

“Sir, yes sir.”

Gwen saluted with a joking tone.

She walked around the table and came to my side.

She then clapped her hands to gather everyone’s attention and started talking happily.

“You’re all talking about total annihilation of the Virtual Savior, right? There’s a proper plan to achieve it, indeed.”

“Don’t beat around the bush and get to the point.”

Henry put his hands behind his head and hurried Gwen.

He seemed to want to hear about the main subject quickly.

Upon receiving the request, Gwen looked around the room.

“We just need to prepare a herald that can receive all the wishes of humankind. In the first place, the reason the Virtual Savior came into being is because humanity expects so much to the point that nobody could receive the power. In that case, we just need to prepare a suitable receiver.”

“Once the whereabouts of the power are rooted, the Virtual Savior which functioned as a replacement will disappear. So that’s how it is.”

“Great answer! You’ve got a good understanding so I will give you fifty points as praise.”

Gwen pointed at Logan who gave his answer.

She was in a good mood and bounced in place alone.

The executives still had subtle reactions after all.

I thought she would be suitable for the role, but I guess I appointed the wrong person…

As I was already too tired to even speak of it, I put my regrets aside.

Even if I got irritated, she would only get happy about it.

It would be best to just let her do what she does without commenting unnecessarily.

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