The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 249: The Sage is impressed by the Beast’s Reasoning

“A strong herald is necessary to stop the emergence of the Virtual Savior, got it?”

Gwen asked with a slightly serious tone.

The one who responded was Doldar.

He nodded as his wolf head growled.

“I understand… It is, easy to understand, the explanation.”

“I got a response from a person I didn’t expect. Thank you very much.”

Gwen bowed happily.

She sat on the round table then raised her index finger.

“However, there is one problem about this. What do you think it is?”

“There is no herald that is capable enough to make the Virtual Savior disappear. I guess that’s about it.”

“As expected of the previous Demon Lord. That’s a great answer.”

Gwen snapped her fingers and laughed at Diella’s response.

Gwen then spoke with her arms spreading open.

“Since said person is to bear the hope of the whole world, a common herald wouldn’t be capable enough for it. Naturally, the vessel we seek is one that can exceed the Virtual Savior.”

Gwen then pointed at Henry and casually stated.

“Blakin-san, even a herald of your level is not enough.”

“That’s too bad.”

Henry shrugged lightly.

He didn’t seem to be very bothered by it.

He probably didn’t wish to become a herald and just happened to end up as one.

But to think even Henry is not worthy enough for the role…

Thinking about what it meant, I was amazed once again.

Henry was one of the most powerful people in the world.

He was one of the candidates for subjugating the Demon Lord.

Even within the Demon Lord’s Army, which only kept growing stronger, he still reigned among the strongest despite being a mere human.

Just the other day, Henry repelled the Virtual Savior.

I had heard the explanation from Gwen, but it seemed that repelling the other nation’s army wasn’t the sole reason Henry managed to do so.

In his case, his brilliance as a herald was also related to the matter.

Simply put, it referred to Henry’s influence on the battlefield.

The greater the influence, the less power the Virtual Savior could exert.

The Virtual Savior symbolized the lack of heralds.

And Henry managed to deny that through his own achievements.

On the battlefield that day, Henry successfully repelled it due to overlapping coincidences.

However, it seemed that even Henry, who had such a high aptitude, wasn’t enough to meet the requirement.

The ideal that people sought was way too high.

“Now, as I have mentioned so far, all of you should understand what I mean. There is only one person who can serve as the herald that exceeds the Virtual Savior. Needless to say, that person is the previous Hero!”

Gwen happily announced.

She then laid down on the round table as she continued to talk freely.

“She has the best track record as a herald of the world. Isn’t that right, Diella-san?”

“Umu, umu. It was the great achievement of defeating me.”

Diella nodded and didn’t seem to hate the idea.

She tried to put on a straight face, but her mouth was twitching to smile.

Ignoring such a reaction, Gwen smacked my shoulder.

“Speaking of subjugating the Demon Lord, Havelt-san also achieved it, but you are the current Demon Lord after all. I have no idea what would happen if the nemesis of humanity also took on the role of the hope of the world. Bluntly put, it would become something beyond our control.”

I thought the same.

I was also the sage who had the achievement of defeating the Demon Lord, so I had the qualifications to be recognized as a herald.

However, it would be best not to do so.

Not only was it an absurd claim to make, it would likely produce unexpected phenomena too.

I had nothing but a premonition of destruction if I actually went through with it.

The power of the Will of the World ought to be used properly.

I wanted to avoid having the Demon Lord possessing it.


I glanced towards the Great Spirit.

She had been silent all this time.

She was quietly listening to Gwen.

Considering her nature, she would immediately raise an objection if she had one.

Seeing as she has said nothing so far, it seemed she acknowledged Gwen’s view.

“I could say for sure that there is no one but the previous hero that could serve in the role of the herald for this. Once she is resurrected, the people’s wishes will concentrate on her, resulting in the disappearance of the Virtual Savior having lost its purpose — Do you understand what I am talking about so far?”

Gwen grinned widely after saying that much.

Although she spoke with a light tone, her cunning nature could be seen hidden within her eyes.

Despite being the weakest in power among the people present, Gwen held her head high.

Rather, I could even see she was somewhat enjoying it.

The executives had listened to the topic attentively, and there was no one showing an unscrupulous attitude anymore.

The beast of the outer world had controlled the room with her excellent presentation skills.

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1 year ago

the more i read the more i imagine Gwen is like Fate/Extra’s BB , both of them have very similar traits, personality…. and BB even had connection with Outer God as her Summer Version in FGO.