The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 250: The Sage is questioned by the Great Spirit

“Well, I have explained the matter regarding the annihilation of the Virtual Savior and the resurrection of the previous hero. Killing the Will of the World is all that’s left. Needless to say, this also has something to do with the other two.”

Gwen said so with an unchanging smile.

She seemed to enjoy her role of explaining to others.

Since it has been a while since she’s got to go outside, she might be feeling excited somehow.

Diella, who stole liquor from Henry, asked a question as she drank.1

“How do we kill it? Not even I could do anything to a concept of the world.”

“I understand your feelings. However, I’ve come up with a countermeasure!”

Gwen made a noise while kicking her legs out.

She was so excited that one could mistake her for being drunk.

Logan was stupefied as he saw that.

It seemed her attitude made his contempt turn into pity instead.

Even though Gwen seemed to notice, she ignored it and continued speaking.

“To summarize, we are to incorporate the Will of the World into the previous hero. It will become part of her in the process of resurrection.”

“That sure sounds like an absurd set up…”

Luciana muttered while sighing.

She had some magical knowledge.

She understood how ridiculous the thing Gwen said casually was.

And she determined it was something impossible to realize.

Basically, Luciana didn’t believe Gwen.

Gwen stepped onto the round table and headed to Luciana.

Then Gwen proceeded to shake Luciana’s hand, ignoring Luciana’s blatant hate for the action.

“Since it is a concept without form, all we need to do is to give it a form. It’s a simple theory, right?”

“I understand that logic, but is it really possible?”

Logan who saw them said that.

As Gwen moved away from Luciana, she proceeded to make strange dance moves as she answered.

“It’s practically impossible in the first place. It’s something that goes beyond the scale of what one can do with magic. However! There’s an anomalous cheat person in the Demon Lord’s Army. Indeed, it is Havelt-san!”

Gwen pointed exaggeratedly at me.

Not knowing how to react to it, I sat on the chair without moving.

Yuura raised her hand as a strange silence filled the air.

When I nodded, she asked.

“Question to master — Is what the individual named Gwen said true?”

“Yes, it’s possible.”

I could make it happen.

I had been hostile with the Will of the World many times.

When the beasts of the outer world invaded, I was temporarily given the power to deal with them as well.

At that time, I could perceive the Will of the World.

I’ve tried it several times before the meeting, and I was able to grasp the outline of it even in the current state.

I should be able to interfere further depending on the method.

The outline of the Will of the World I perceived had a structure like the root of a tree.

Each end of the roots were connected to a person, and their desires were sucked and collected.

Of course, I and the people here were also connected to it.

All living beings were under the influence of the Will of the World.

As I tried to follow the roots, I managed to reach the main tree.

As a result, it had become possible to firmly sense the concept through what could be said to be the main body of the Will of the World.

Although I couldn’t destroy it at the moment, it was still a good thing to know.

Gwen’s plan relied on this sensation.

Using a specially developed forbidden spell, I would attach the main body of the Will of the World to that person.

Then, I would make an effort to consolidate the power of the people’s desires.

If successful, the mysterious phenomenon would stop.

The concept of invincibility would become that person’s unique ability. 

As long as it could no longer act as violent as it used to be, it would practically mean we had slain the Will of the World.

It was supposed to be absolutely impossible under normal circumstances.

The Will of the World wasn’t something that could be perceived to begin with.

Even if one could perceive it, it would be the extent of their ability.

It would normally be impossible for an individual to do anything to it.

The only one who could do something about it is I, the Demon Lord.

I could forcibly create a result through the use of almost inexhaustible magic power and my knowledge of spells.

In addition, I intended to make use of the beasts’ abilities, which wasn’t constrained by this world.

By superimposing several exceptions, this plan could become successful.

“Once the previous hero is resurrected, we must spread the news to the world. By doing so, she will take the position of the Savior and the Will of the World. All that is left is to leave it alone and the world’s situation will become stable on its own.”

As Gwen said, it would become the composition of a hero and Demon Lord as it should be.

The world will be stabilized by the competition between good and evil.

The existence of the hero itself will become the hope of the people.

Once the uncertainties of the Will of the World were eliminated, it would be easier to manipulate the world’s situation as a whole.

That was the explanation for the relationship between the three goals.

Such was the plan devised by me and Gwen.

We were already taking steps to prepare.

All that was left was the consent and understanding of the executives, then we could put it into motion.

“May I ask one thing?”

A certain person raised her hand with a quiet voice.

The soft query came from the Great Spirit.

As everyone paid attention to her, she asked me.

“Please tell me what you intend to do to the hero after you resurrect her. Are you planning to confront her as the Demon Lord?”

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1 year ago

Great question from the Great Spirit. How will creating his antithesis be a positive for the world? Resurrection is all well and good, but if the resurrection is linked to the will of the world mechanic who’s to say that the resurrected person themselves wouldn’t be influenced by that which triggers the will to the world to activate?

Can one even maintain an ego when they are powered by the hopes and wishes of others? Havelt became the avatar of the ‘valley of death’ becoming it’s ego whereas the will of the world is powered by a collective ego of all sentient creatures. The valley of death desires nothing so Havelt can act as he wishes with that power but the same is not true for the Will of the World and the former hero.

I don’t want this to end badly but i have concerns…

Thanks for the update and the new chapters, I really appreciate the work you do.