The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Prius

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Chapter 252: The Sage Pledges to Carry Out His Mission

I sat back down after that declaration.

My agitated mind regained its calm.

It seemed I was more nervous than I thought.

I relaxed my limbs and looked to the Great Spirit.

After being silent for a while, she quietly sat back on her chair.

“—It seems not to be a lie. I asked about something boorish, I have no objections.”1

I couldn’t tell what she was thinking inside, but it seemed she was convinced for the time being.

I doubt the Great Spirit would act reserved in this situation.

Since she has backed down here, it should mean that she didn’t have a problem with it.

The moment the Great Spirit sat back, Gwen clapped her hands to attract attention.

She took the focus back to the meeting.

“Well then, is there anyone else who has an objection?”

Gwen put a hand on her waist and looked around the room.

Grom shed tears from his ocular flames.

He tried to hold it back with a handkerchief, but it clearly wasn’t enough.

He was crying and weeping.

Luciana had a cheerful smile on her face.

When our eyes met, she dipped her head towards me.

I could see the consideration within her gaze.

Henry swallowed the contents of his glass as if to celebrate.

After he drank it all in a single breath, his hand grabbed the bottle.

Apparently, he intended to drink directly from the bottle this time.

Logan sat quietly with his arms folded.

He had a difficult expression, but when I paid more attention, I noticed the corners of his mouth rose a little.

Doldar howled.

He excitedly banged the round table with his fists alternatively.

Since the table got damaged by his actions, I would need to repair it later.

Yuura was looking around at the other people in turn.

Looking at various reactions they gave, she was at a loss for what to do.

After pondering a while, she modestly raised a fist.

Diella was laughing loudly.

She took advantage of the ruckus and stole more of Henry’s liquor.

She also started drinking while trembling with joy.

The Great Spirit watched the situation in the room.

When she finally looked at me, she nodded a little.

Then, she disappeared without a sound.

Although there was no unity in their reactions, they generally showed a sense of understanding and conviction.

Nobody was against it.

Although they might have their respective interpretations of my words, my statement seemed to have reached them.

Whatever impression they had, it was alright since they accepted them.

Gwen, who also sensed the atmosphere of the place, ended her talk with a smile.

“That’s all for my explanation, thank you for your kind attention.”

After Gwen bowed once, she put a hand on my shoulder.

She then whispered in satisfaction.

“That’s the baton touch. Please do the rest.”


Although the meeting ended without a problem, the main challenge would begin now.

It was necessary to proceed with the various preparations.

When I stood, I gave the instructions I had thought of in advance.

“I will resurrect the previous hero in seven days. I want you to keep doing your respective duties until then.”

I cut my words there and glanced at the executives.

They were the people who had supported the Demon Lord’s Army together with me. 

I had to tell them clearly.

“—I will survive it regardless of the outcome, I will not abandon the role of the Demon Lord, I will do my best for world peace.”

Afterwards, I left the room filled with cheer.

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1 year ago

Bruh, this entire chapter was just about the reaction to the last thing he said…