The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 253: The Sage Aims to Resurrect the Hero

The day after the meeting, I went to the laboratory in the basement of the royal capital.

It was for discussing the method of resurrecting that person with the director.

As soon as I headed to the front entrance, the director came to welcome me.

“Well well, if it isn’t Demon Lord-sama! Thank you for coming all the way here!”

The director greeted me in a polite tone.

She was exaggerating as usual.

Even if she said, “all the way here,” this place was not that far from the castle.

And even if the distance was far, it meant nothing to me since I could use a transfer.

After a light greeting, we entered the laboratory.

As we moved, I noticed the director acting suspiciously.

She seemed restless since before.

It was as if she was trying to find out something.

“What’s wrong?”

“I heard Gwen-san went with you earlier…”

I understood when I heard that.

It seemed that the director wanted to meet Gwen.

She had been in charge of monitoring Gwen for the past year, and it seemed that the director liked Gwen quite a bit.

I relayed what Gwen told me earlier to the director.

“I persuaded her to return, but she refused. It seemed she didn’t feel too good in the laboratory.”

“Oh my, it can’t be helped then. That’s too bad, but I shouldn’t force her to stay.”

Strictly speaking, Gwen didn’t feel good because of the director rather than the laboratory, but I wouldn’t say that.

That said, Gwen’s help was essential for that person’s resurrection.

I want Gwen to deepen her friendship with the director.

I have no confidence in convincing her, so maybe I should ask Luciana instead?

As I added another agenda into my internal checklist, I changed the topic.

“By the way, what of that thing?”

“There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s surprisingly stable.”

“I see.”

I told the director about the matter in advance through telepathy.

I also explained the policies and plans decided at the meeting.

The director didn’t seem to have any objections either.

She seemed satisfied as long as she could continue her research freely.

A consistent attitude as usual.

“Well well, I’m honored to be involved in the resurrection of the dead! I’m excited for it!”

“…I’m glad then.”

Looking at how happy the director was over it, I felt a little worried.

In a sense, she seemed to look forward to that person’s resurrection more than I did.

It was to the point that she was feeling excited over it.

As we were walking around the facility, I saw other copies of the director.

Every one of them was flying about without exception.

It might be because other researches were progressing well, but it was more likely they felt happy because they could actually resurrect that person.

I suddenly felt curious and asked the director.

“Do you have no fear or hesitation on committing something taboo?”

“It would be a lie if I said I had none at all. But in my case, my intellectual curiosity and inquisitiveness prevails. As a result, I don’t mind how it affects the world.”

“You sure are an exemplary researcher.”

“It’s a compliment that is wasted on me.”

We eventually arrived at our destination.

We unlocked a number of barriers and locks along the way as we proceeded.

When the door opened, I checked just in case.

“You said there’s no trace of ego in it?”

“Yes, I always checked, but I couldn’t find any trace of ego. There’s no interference from anyone else either.”

The director gave the answer I expected.

The security equipment here was perfect.

The director herself had complete control of the facility all the time.

It would be hard for anything to intrude.

Even someone as capable as Gwen couldn’t do anything without being caught by the director.

In addition, countless directors kept coming up with ideas and made improvements practically every day, making this place undoubtedly the number one fortress in the world.

Currently, there were no dangerous people to watch out for, and it was unlikely for problems to occur.

I looked to the center of the room.

There was a glass container installed there.

Inside it, a white, mist-like mass floated.

It was the soul of one of the four heavenly kings of the previous Demon Lord, Baruch.

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1 year ago

Man, if I had clones like the director there is SO much that I could get done. Maybe being a phantom wouldn’t be so bad…