The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 254 The Sage Looks Back on His Nemesis1

Now that I think about it, it was rare to find an enemy with as much history as Baruch did.

I remembered how we fought each other many times when I was still a human.

His schemes were always tricky and threw me off.

But the reason we managed to overcome it anyway was probably because of that person.

When I first became the Demon Lord, Baruch burned with the fires of vengeance.

He formed a strategy to revive the previous Demon Lord Diella and fought against me with all his might.

Even though I managed to win in the end, Baruch’s obsession didn’t end there.

With the help of Gwen, he colluded with John Doe and fought me in the spiritual world after his death.

I was honestly impressed by his insatiable desire for vengeance.

For me, the man named Baruch was a shaman who had been hostile to me for a long time.


Baruch’s soul was still trying to restore itself even when it was stored in a container.

That was his characteristic.

Even after he died, he would revive himself after a few years.

Even if his soul was destroyed with magic, it would come back over time.

To prevent that, I always kept his soul damaged and prevented his resurrection.

However, it wasn’t that high in priority now.

This soul was no longer possessed by Baruch’s spirit.

It was because it has already been obliterated in my spiritual world.

Since then, the return of his ego hadn’t been observed.

The former four heavenly king Baruch seemed to have died and left his soul behind.

It was a very rare condition, but he had a special constitution to begin with.

This kind of thing could happen.

“This is a very pure soul. It likely ended up in this state because Gwen-san pulled out the spirit inside. It’s very fascinating no matter how many times I see it!”

The director’s cheeks were flushed as she spoke enthusiastically.

Although I understood how rare it was, her impression was beyond that.

She was so excited that she began to monologue.

Since it was the usual sight, I chose not to retort.

From now on, I would clean this soul and completely erase any trace of Baruch.

By doing so, it would become an innocent soul that only retained the characteristic of self-restoration.

I would use it to resurrect that person.

It was as close as possible to being the optimal catalyst of the spell.

Even if I searched all over the world there wouldn’t be any soul that exceeded this one’s quality.

As for the resurrection, I intended to use Gwen’s help.

I would have her tamper with the cleaned soul.

Gwen was good at dealing with memory and spirit.

Those elements were closely related to the soul.

Since she’s boasted that she could tamper with the soul itself, I wasn’t worried about her abilities in that regard.

Perhaps both I and the director could reach that level eventually if we researched it together, but it would take decades to reach that point.

The reason why I decided to resurrect that person at this time was because of Gwen’s existence.

I needed to be grateful for her cooperation.

However, as part of the deal, she asked for the rights to go out and to have part of her power returned.

As for the former, I’ve already done so.

After the meeting, Gwen was given freedom to move around.

However, it was under the condition that she be constantly monitored.

I also didn’t dispel the spell I cast on her, so that I could kill her immediately if she tried something suspicious.

Because Gwen understood that, she didn’t act suspiciously either.

She basically walked around the castle and enjoyed talking with the soldiers and servants of the Demon Lord’s Army.

As for returning her power, it wasn’t desirable, but I had no choice but to trust Gwen.

Unless this was done, that person couldn’t be resurrected.

Although Gwen was far from having good morals, she at least didn’t have any thoughts of vengeance towards the Demon Lord’s army… At least I hope she thought that way.

If she actually did something undesirable, I would deal with it responsibly.


I watched the soul in the container.

The soul was floating and constantly changed its shape.

This plan would surely succeed.

I knew it intuitively.

Humanity was looking for a hero at the moment.

By taking advantage of that, I was trying to revive one of the greatest heroes in history.

The Will of the World would definitely raise the success rate without a doubt.

I knew well the absurd law to destroy evil would cause such an effect.

Finally, I’ll be able to meet that person again.

How would she feel when she sees the state of the world today?

And what would she think of me as the Demon Lord?

Would she get angry saying I made stupid choice?

Would she feel sad for what I’ve become?

At the very least, I was sure she wouldn’t feel happy.

For her justice-minded self, there was no way she would like this kind of solution.

I was thinking of conveying my thoughts of world peace.

I had no idea how she would react to it.

If she could accept the world peace created through the Demon Lord, that would be great.

I would build an eternal Demon Lord’s army along with her, with relief and joy.

That was the ideal result.

The world peace maintained by an absolute evil would be everlasting.

But considering how goodhearted she was, it was likely for her to reject my ideals.

That person was a person who lived in justice.

It was because she was such a person that I longed for her more than anyone else.

She would likely be unable to understand my methods and we end up crossing blades.

It was the development I wanted to avoid facing.

However, I need to be ready to face it head on.

The path to meet with that person again was already underway.

There were conflicts and fears, but I would still go on.

Back then, both I and that person failed in trying to achieve poetic justice.

Therefore, I sought to unite humanity through domination and threat.

That was the only path I have left.

I was the Demon Lord of Mediation. I need to meet the hero who saved the world once more.

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They keep emphasizing how they’re gonna fight, almost makes me think the writers are gonna pull a fast one and have them NOT fight.