The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 255: The Sage Makes the Final Preparations

That day, I was in the former Demon Lord’s territory.

It was a mixed region of wastelands and deserts.

There were no buildings in the vicinity and there were no signs of life here.

It was a completely abandoned place.

Today, I would revive the previous Hero here.

The reason it wasn’t carried out in the Demon Lord’s territory was to prevent any collateral from happening.

I had no idea what could happen once the plan commences.

So I chose to proceed with the plan in the place where collateral damage wouldn’t matter just in case.

According to past literature and anecdotes, there were some who attempted to resurrect the dead.

All of them failed miserably.

The resurrection of the dead was representative of the taboo of magic.

However, I intended to do it successfully.

I was already fully prepared.

After checking many times, I was convinced it was possible.

The situation would receive a boost from the Will of the World.

It would bring that person back to life without a doubt.

A huge magic circle was drawn on the ground in front of me.

It was the spell prepared for this.

Dozens of directors were doing final touch-ups in various locations.1

They were inspecting for any defects or deficiencies in the spell structure.

The keepsake sword was stuck in the center of the magic circle.

It was the weapon that symbolized her.

That sword was filled with various feelings and experiences.

It wasn’t something that could be excluded when talking about the previous hero.

It was an absolutely necessary piece to resurrect her.

There was a crystal and a glass container at my feet.

The former contained the remains of that person.

It had been stored there ever since I left the Valley of the Dead, but it would finally be released from the crystal.

I had a strange feeling as that moment crawled closer.

As for the latter, it was the soul that was just cleaned before.

But it was in a different state now.

Gwen tampered with it in the last few days so that the main body of the Will of the World would be able to dwell there.

In addition, the soul was also engraved with information of that person.

Specifically, it was a record of anecdotes, feats, and traces of the travel of the previous hero that remained in various places.

In addition, the memories about people who were closely related to that person — which were to say I, Logan, Luciana, and Diella — were also engraved there.

The collected information would be used to form that person.

Strictly speaking, it wouldn’t be resurrection, but a reproduction of her instead.

It wouldn’t bring that person who was executed back then, back to life.

There was nothing I could do about this part.

From the moment the main body of the Will of the World would dwell within, there was no way she would be the same person in a true sense.

I had tolerated that part.

It wasn’t a plan that proceeded solely based on personal feelings.

It wouldn’t be possible to achieve much without some compromise.

As I stared at the remains and soul, I heard footsteps from behind.

Gwen was approaching me with a cheerful tone.

She was waving her hand and talking to me.

“Hello, how are you doing?”

Gwen stared at my face intently.

As she observed it from a close distance, she stroked her chin and said.

“Your expression is somewhat stiff. Maybe you’re nervous?”

“…It’s natural to be a little nervous.”

I argued when her opinion hit the mark.

Considering what I would do from now on, it was obvious to feel nervous.

The director was also unusually absorbed in her work with a serious atmosphere surrounding her.

Gwen was the only one relaxed here.

“You see, Havelt-san, you have to relax more. The results won’t change regardless of what you think after all, so it is important to keep your calm.”

Gwen spoke lightly and embraced me in a familiar way.

If Grom was here, they would proceed to have a death match.

Grom valued courtesy towards the Demon Lord and asked that others do the same.

I had witnessed the two quarreling with each other several times over the last few days.

Sure enough, the compatibility of their personalities was extremely bad.

Even so, Gwen’s attitude felt odd.

Even though she seemed to act normally, I felt like something was off.

Since I was curious, I spoke my mind about my speculations.

“Did you come to encourage me?”

“—No way. I just came to make fun of you to kill my boredom.”

Gwen returned to being expressionless and left easily.

She turned around and started walking.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to take a walk for a while.”

Gwen answered as she walked away.

I still couldn’t understand her behavior.

However, that was always the case.

She basically does things according to her mood and loves to tease people.

Leaving her alone would be the correct choice.

Other executives would be coming soon.

In the meantime, I should help the director.

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1 year ago

A reproduction!? Um… isn’t that an insult to her memory? I’m not a fan of that, but I’ll give the author the benefit of the doubt.

At this point I’m hoping Gwen pulls a switcheroo and puts the hero’s actual soul into the vessel rather than a construct, if only to troll Dwight. Everybody else has been too respectful to the Demon Lord, and the story has gotten quite stale.

If Gwen helped them pull off a proper resurrection it would add the perfect bit of chaos to the story because if the hero resurrected disagreed with Dwight’s methods he wouldn’t just be dealing with a reproduction of the woman he loved but the genuine article. This would also be a great way for Gwen to use good intentions and actions as a weapon against the demon lord as payback for being imprisoned. but that’s just my wishful thinking.

Thanks for the translations,

1 year ago
Reply to  tsukiisite

Fair point on why Gwen wouldn’t troll him, she’s not the type to invite her own death. At the same time, as you pointed out; she’s not the type to choose an honorable death either. Going out on the most horrific troll possible against Dwight feels plausible, at least to me.

If the hero comes back and accepts Dwight’s choices Gwen wins, if the hero doesn’t accept Dwight’s methods Gwen has forced Dwight and his beloved hero into a death match the outcome of which is either Dwight suffers eternally for killing his true beloved (rather than an imitation) or he dies. Either way Gwen can claim the best of intentions to escape death. After all, Gwen would have been trying to give Dwight what his heart desired, right?

Also, maybe I’m misremembering but didn’t Gwen have the ‘machine’ hero’s soul? He died before the beasts of the outer world’s incursion, right? So how was Gwen able to us him against the Demon lord? Baruch is understandable because of his perpetual resurrection, but that ‘machine maniac’ was a human from our world and didn’t have that trait. So I wouldn’t dismiss the idea that the hero’s real soul is unobtainable.

So while Gwen and the other beasts might not be able to revive,(i.e. create life) at least Gwen and the other beasts have shown themselves to be able to acquire and collect souls to a certain degree. Which might suggest that a proper resurrection is possible, but again that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

Thanks for adding your two cents on the matter, it made me further examine my perspective, even if it didn’t change my mind much.

1 year ago

Sheesh, at the rate this story is going, we’ll probably need 4 more chapters until the hero actually shows up…