The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 256: The Sage Sees the Heart of his Loyal Vassal

I worked together with countless directors.

Specifically, we were making minor modifications to the magic circle.

We had to make sure the magic power circulated smoothly according to the activation of the spell.

It was the basic operation of exercising magic, but it was also the most important process.

Failure to do so would result in problems with the magic.

If it were simple magic, it wouldn’t cause much trouble.

At most, it would only increase the amount of magic power consumed for the activation.

Even if one failed at this process of simple magic, it wouldn’t cause much damage.

However, things were different since it involved resurrecting the dead this time.

It could be considered the peak of complex magic, and the risks were proportionally high.

It was a deed that I couldn’t even attempt for several years despite the fact I had gained enormous power from the Valley of the Dead.

It was only thanks to the cooperation of multiple anomalous existences that we managed to reach the final stage.

It was a realm I couldn’t reach with my own power.

I could say for sure that there weren’t any spells as esoteric as this one, and it required incredible precision.

Therefore, any small defect would likely produce fatal consequences.


Due to such circumstances, the director was demonstrating her extreme concentration.

She was so absorbed in her task that she couldn’t even hear my voice.

Sometimes, she split herself further and worked together with her copies in adjusting the magic circle.

The director had a serious expression as she gave her all.

I’ve never seen such a serious director before.

I couldn’t feel her usual eccentric attitude at all.

I also focused on the task at hand so that I wouldn’t fall behind.

After a series of confirmations, the director raised her head.

After a loud exhale, she talked to me in a cheerful manner.

“I’ll handle the rest of the adjustments, so please get some rest, Demon Lord-sama.”

“Is that okay?”

“Of course. There are a lot of me after all!”

The surrounding directors responded to the words at the same time.

They all nodded with a reliable expression.

It didn’t seem to be a bluff and they really seemed to have no qualms with it.

“Sorry about this.”

“No no! I will inform you once things are ready!”

Following the director’s sincere advice, I left the place.

I might end up troubling her if I stayed here longer.

As I moved away from the magic circle, I used perception magic since I had nothing to do.

Then, I sensed a presence just in the vicinity.

Judging from the fluctuation of magic power and how it appeared suddenly, it seemed said presence came here using transfer magic.

I looked in that direction.

It was Grom who stood there quietly.

He moved forward with awkward movements.

When he arrived in front of me, he greeted me as usual.

“D-Demon Lord-sama. How are you?”

His greetings sounded a little unnatural.

His voice cracked.

Although I had no idea how it could happen, he seemed to be sweating.

Grom appeared to be nervous.

He seemed as if he bore an important mission, but I didn’t give him any such mission.

I got curious about it and asked him.

“Are you okay?”

“Y-yes! I’m in perfect physical condition! I am always prepared to be of help to Demon Lord-sama!”

Grom responded enthusiastically.

As expected, he seemed to be forcefully raising the mood.

As I wondered about the reason, I immediately understood.

It was rare for Grom to be this upset.

Perhaps even when his own death was imminent, he wouldn’t be this upset.

In that case, there was only one reason that came to mind.

Grom, the most loyal vassal of the Demon Lord’s army, was scared of the possibility of my, that was to say his lord’s, death.

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1 year ago

While I can appreciate the finer details of the story, I can also hate them since it’s just filling a word count…