The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 257: The Sage Thanks His Loyal Vassal

I could understand Grom’s worries.

He often worried about many things to begin with, but even without that, it wasn’t something that could be ignored in the first place.

What I would be facing wouldn’t be just a strong enemy.

The previous hero could be considered my most beloved person.

I had no idea how I would react when I met her.

Grom could feel that.

During the meeting of executives, I declared that I would fulfill the mission as the Demon Lord.

However, it was, after all, just words.

Perhaps I might be unable to act on my words.

Perhaps I might end up following that person’s wishes instead.

Worst case scenario, I might end up slain by her without putting up any resistance.

I did have my resolve, but I couldn’t say that I absolutely wouldn’t change my mind.

Grom was considered a veteran subordinate within the Demon Lord’s Army.

As the first executive, he has witnessed and is aware of my past and goal more than anyone else.

And he could sympathize with my anguish.

Logically, he wished to believe in me.

However, he became worried exactly because he knew me too much.

As a result, he was suffering from his conflicting logic and emotions.

I must be a failure of a lord for making him have such worries.

Still, I was the Demon Lord and Grom was my subordinate.

It was my duty to reduce the anxiety that settled within him.

“I want to say don’t worry, but I guess it’s difficult to convince you with just that.”

“…I’m terribly sorry.”

Grom apologized with a moan.

He seemed to feel a sense of self-hatred for being unable to fully believe in me.

He kept looking down as his shoulders trembled.

The flame in one of his eye sockets was so small that it could have been extinguished at any moment.

This is a crucial moment.

I had decided on what to say.

It was to reveal my true thoughts without hiding anything.

I made up my mind and told Grom.

“That’s fine. Your thoughtfulness isn’t a bad thing.”


Grom raised his head vigorously.

As we exchanged gazes, his ocular flame regained its spark.

It was just two sentences, but it seemed my feelings were conveyed properly.

I put my hand on his shoulder and told him again.

“I will definitely return. Let’s fulfill our respective duties.”

“…Hah! I understand!”

Grom saluted swiftly, gave his greetings, and transferred away.

The energy in his movements made his earlier powerlessness seem to be a trick.

It wasn’t like his doubts had been dispelled.

But he was resolved to fulfill his duty despite it.

Grom had things to do from now on.

I requested him to stop the Virtual Savior from rampaging all over the place.

Considering Grom’s power, he should be able to keep the casualties to a minimum.

He seemed pretty motivated, so there shouldn’t be any problem.

I have to live up to the trust he puts in me.

Grom was an immortal I created.

I had used the souls of the people in the kingdom I slaughtered, so if I traced from its root, it wouldn’t be weird for me to be resented by him.

As a matter of fact, my domination over him wasn’t working initially.

Because of that, we ended up almost fighting to the death when we first met.

But now, Grom was inspired by my purpose and followed me of his own volition.

He had a caring personality and undeniable loyalty.

It wasn’t blind worship either.

He would sometimes have doubts and tried to see through my stance and true thoughts.

He was a loyal vassal that was wasted on me.

He has supported me many times.

To repay Grom, I could only show it with results.

I had no idea how things would turn out once that person was resurrected.

Even so, I had to move forward.

I couldn’t afford to stop being the Demon Lord.

“That exchange earlier really felt like that of a Demon Lord. Isn’t it great?”

I heard a familiar voice along with applause.

It was Luciana and Henry, walking towards me from the opposite direction of Grom earlier.

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