The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 260: The Sage Talks to the Previous Demon Lord

As I felt grateful to the Great Spirit who flew away, Luciana struck me on the shoulder.

She pointed to the west and said.

“Well then, we’ll be returning to our posts.”

Luciana hovered as her wings flapped.

I could just transfer her immediately to her place, but it seemed that she intended to return by her own power.

Henry was about to grab her hand, but looked at me before it happened.

He fistbumped my chest.

“Commander, don’t lose to the previous hero.”

“It’s not like we’ll definitely end up fighting.”

“Oops, you’re right.”

Henry said as if he just recalled that and grabbed Luciana’s hand.

The two soared into the sky.

The movement was so agile it was hard to believe it was produced with wings alone.

It was probably accelerated using magic.

“Have the belief to never bend! Don’t think about the details, just hit it hard!”

“Demon Lord-sama, do your best. I’ll be awaiting good news!”

The two parted loudly with those words as they flew far away.

I had quite a long relationship with them.

I was honestly happy that their kindness didn’t decorate their words unnecessarily.

I guess it’s about time for me to return to the director.

It wasn’t like I had anything to do.

It was better to stand in front of the magic circle and stay in perfect condition.

Just as I turned around while thinking that, I heard a voice calling me to stop.

“Wait! Didn’t you forget about someone?!”

A sharp shout came from afar.

The person with a familiar voice approached fiercely.

She, who sprinted through the wind, was Diella.

She slid across the ground and stood in my path.

Yuura and Doldar also arrived following her.

I stopped and asked Diella.

“What’s wrong?”

“Given the development so far, isn’t it obvious other executives will also appear?! Read the room, will you?!”

“…I’m sorry.”

I was getting scolded for some reason, so I apologized for the time being.

I had certainly detected the three’s presence.

They had been waiting far away since the moment I was talking to Grom.

I was also aware that they had been eavesdropping on the conversation using Yuura’s spirit magic.

I was wondering what they were doing there, but they seemed to have been waiting until the others went away.

Since they kept looking from afar, I thought they had no intention to talk.

“Oh well. We’re running out time, so let’s keep it short. Listen to these thankful words of the previous Demon Lord.”

Diella put her hand on my shoulder and said with a triumphant expression.

I wasn’t asking for thankful words in particular, but she would sulk if I said that.

As I read the air and shut up, Diella raised one finger. 

She began to advise in a gentle tone.

“First of all, make some conversation. Since it’s between you and the hero, there should be a lot you want to talk about. Do it all you like.”

“What should I do next?”

“Go full power from the beginning. It will turn into a fight anyway.”

Diella ground her fist into an open palm and answered immediately.

It was very like her to do things this way.

It wasn’t proper advice.

As I was getting a little exasperated, Diella traced my cheek with her fingertips.

Then she grabbed my chin and made me look into her eyes.

Her joking atmosphere dissipated.

“I’m serious about this. A hero and Demon Lord will confront each other. Is there any chance for a peaceful resolution there? Both are destined to fight each other. Even if the Will of the World were put under control, that relationship wouldn’t change.”

Diella glared close to my face.

It was at the distance where her nose could touch me.

She kept talking without looking away.

“You are a wise person after all. You should already know it in the depths of your heart.”


“You wish to work together with the hero and build peace. I understand your ideal for such a future, and I wouldn’t deny such a thought. I’m also aware you already have a considerable amount of resolve to go through it, but—“

Diella cut her words there.

A blazing flame seemed to be apparent deep within her eyes.

She exuded a pressure worthy of the previous Demon Lord.

And with a pressure that shook the earth, she spun her words.

“Don’t underestimate her, okay? The hero who slew me had a noble spirit. It surpassed you despite the fact that she was dead. Any gap of even the slightest in your heart could be fatal.”

“I know.”

“…Fine then! After all, you too are none other than the Sage who defeated me! I’ll believe in you, yep.”

As soon as her attitude loosened, Diella casually moved away.

She smacked my back without reservation and laughed cheerfully.

It made her earlier pressure seem like an illusion, but she must have been serious about it.

Diella was testing me.

Even among the executives, only she had a different perspective.

As a fellow Demon Lord, she was trying to determine my true value.

Her usual eccentricities stood out, but her true nature didn’t change from the era when she reigned — no, she advanced even further.

If she judged me unworthy to be the Demon Lord, there was no doubt she would try to overthrow me without mercy.

I saw a glimpse of such true intentions of Diella from the earlier exchange.

After Diella returned to her normal attitude, she talked to Yuura and Doldar.

“Don’t both of you have any advice?”

“Complaint to the individual named Diella — It’s hard to say anything after your remarks.”

“You don’t have to worry about me. You can just tell him what you want.”

Diella had a wry smile as she reminded Yuura.

Once Yuura heard that, she stepped forward in front of me.

She saluted once and spoke in a formal manner.

“Request for master — make sure to return alive, by any means necessary.”

“I understand.”

I nodded as I responded.

Yuura showed her relief.

Doldar came forward after her.

He carried an ax and asked me.

“I want, new… ship. After you return, request two more to be built.”

“I understand. I’ll incorporate it into my schedule.”

It was words filled only with self-desire, but it was the way of the Doldar, the great pirate.

With anticipation of a naval battle, I guess his request had to be fulfilled.

As I memorized the plan to manufacture the ships, Diella called my name.


She held one of her arms up in front of her.

Then, a mixture of scales and shells generated from her fingertips and extended up to her elbow.

As if trying to show it off, Diella spoke intimately.

“When you are really in a pinch, don’t hesitate to call me. This previous Demon Lord would rush to help for a fee.”

“It’s not free?”

“I got gambling debts to settle. I can’t afford to do charity.”

Diella replied with an awkward expression as she looked away.

When Yuura stared at her, she began to whistle out of tune.

The entire scene could only be described as pathetic.

This previous Demon Lord has an extreme difference in her usual and serious attitude…

The atmosphere she had earlier was ruined.

It seemed she couldn’t stay serious for long.

Though, that might simply be Diella’s characteristic.

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…Okay, this was still filler. But it was pretty good so this chapter gets a pass.