The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 261: The Sage Completes the Magic Circle

Shortly after, Diella’s group left in a hurry.

With that, I had talked to all the executives.

As expected, there was no other presence approaching, so I returned to the magic circle.

The director was waiting near the magic circle.

It seemed that the inspection had already been completed.

She was currently alone.

She must have absorbed back the copies she had split into earlier.

The director could freely increase or decrease her numbers.

She was considered exceptional even among immortals.

I wouldn’t find it weird no matter what she did.

Next to the director was Gwen.

She had changed clothes for some reason.

It was a servant-like garment based on black and white.

Gwen gave an exemplary greeting with a deliberate smile.

“Welcome back, goshujin-sama!”

“…What are you doing all of sudden?”

I felt like I had a headache.

It must be because of Gwen’s mysterious behavior.

On the other hand, Gwen seemed disappointed at my reaction.

With a pouty mouth, she wagged her finger.

Then her whole outfit changed like a shadow and returned to her usual black clothes the next moment.

“Well well, it seems you don’t have a taste for maids. It’s my mistake.”

I wasn’t sure, but it seemed that it didn’t have any deep meaning.

Most of Gwen’s words and actions felt like that.

Basically, I shouldn’t take it at face value.

The correct course of action was to let it pass.

Next to the dissatisfied Gwen, the director reported to me.

“All that is left is to set up the remains and soul.”

“Can I do that personally?”

“Of course! I haven’t done it for that purpose.”

The director pointed to the crystal and glass container placed nearby.

The remains and soul were inside, respectively.

When I made myself float using magic, the crystal and the glass container floated in the same way.

It hovered over the magic circle as if sliding on it.

It’s over there.

I paid attention to the center part of the magic circle.

There was a spot with two circles drawn on it near the keepsake sword.

It was an important part of the spell structure.

It was the place to put the remains and soul.

I carefully destroyed the crystal and the glass container and eliminated the debris.

Then I set up the released remains and soul.

After carefully confirming that it was placed accurately, I returned to the director and Gwen.

The director, who was watching the series of processes, said happily.

“This completes the magic structure. You can activate it at any time.”

“Sorry about that. Thanks.”

“No no, I’m also grateful for this! I’m being involved in a historical achievement after all! I could boast about it for the next few hundred years.”

The director panted as her eyes shone with excitement and her fists clenched.

She said it casually, but it seemed she already planned to live for hundreds of years.

It was something that one should be prepared for the moment one became an immortal, but the director seemed to accept it so naturally.

There were barely any feelings of despair.

Her optimism was something I should learn from.

“I’ll be returning to the laboratory first. There are more ideas I would like to discuss with Demon Lord-sama!”

“I see. I look forward to it.”

I responded to the excited director.

She had no doubt of my survival at all.

I had only talked about work with the director, but she seemed to trust me in one way or another.

I then looked at Gwen.

“I’ve been troubling you in various ways.”

“Don’t worry about it. If we trace things back, I merely reaped what I sowed. It’s just a law of the jungle.”

Gwen said so with a refreshing smile.

There was an air of self-mocking there.

Perhaps she was looking back on her past mistakes.

I asked what I was curious about.

“Are you returning to space?”

“You must be kidding me. There’s no way I would go back after all this time. I think it would be more enjoyable to live here. I mentioned before that I wanted to join the Demon Lord’s army. Don’t you remember?”

“You really meant it when you said that?”

“Of course I do! I’m really job hunting for the position.”

Gwen made a powerful declaration and suddenly approached.

Unusual for her, I couldn’t feel her playful tone.

After a few beats of silence, I replied as I took a few steps back.

“…I’ll consider it positively.”

“Uwah, so that’s how you avoid giving a clear answer. I guess a popular man is just different.”

Gwen sighed as if she expected it.

She was expressing her dismay from the bottom of her heart.

She shrugged, but she soon returned to her usual self and replied happily.

“It’s a comfortable star that I found after much trouble. Please protect it properly so it won’t get destroyed, okay?”

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1 year ago

I guess that’s about all the encouragement he’s gonna get from Gwen.