The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 266: The Sage Is Overwhelmed by the Hero’s Swordsmanship

She’s strong. Much more than I expected.

I growled inwardly while constantly parrying the attacks.

I had gained power incomparable to when I was a human.

I had become a Demon Lord, defeated many difficult adversaries, and had grown strong enough to trample over the beasts of the outer world.

And yet, she was overwhelming me.

She brought on more than an equal battle where I pushed back.

She was even capable of the absurd feat of cutting through miasma using a mere sword.

Usually, there was no point in trying to cut miasma.

It would normally erode her sword and arm upon contact.

But in reality, she managed to obliterate said miasma.

Logic was abandoned in favor of desirable results.

The Will of the World within her might have manifested such a characteristic.

As such, it further boosted the hero’s swordsmanship into a realm of absurdity.

I strengthened my body and forced myself to think ahead.

I managed to resist her onslaught by doing so.

I tried to counter attack using magic occasionally, but all of them were cut down and rendered ineffective.

Her intuition was abnormal.

So much so that most spells were interrupted before activation.

This is tough…

A stab came at me from a sharp angle.

I managed to parry it, but the tip of her sword managed to graze my cervical spine1.

I avoided decapitation by moving away quickly.

At that moment, she moved one hand away from her sword and grabbed the scabbard at her waist.

I understood what she was going to do and immediately tried to transfer away.

However, the scabbard swung at a speed faster than chantless magic.

The impact from the scabbard shattered my wrist.

And I dropped my sword.

When I looked back from my downward gaze, I saw her sword in an upswing.

—She’s too fast.

The sword swung down and cut me in half from my head.

My vision dyed black at the same time as that sensation.

The next moment, I was looking at her from a distance.


I silently looked down at my new body.

The rotten flesh that was stuck on the bones burned away and the bone itself began to stain black.

I was destroyed by that blow and revived as one of the undead on the outer circumference.

As the rain poured down, she was staring at me from across the clearing.

She asked me.

“Do you want to continue?”

“…Of course.”

As I dashed forward, I conjured a new sword.

I had one advantage over her.

It was the fact that I could revive myself.

She was just a mere human.

Her soul might be indestructible and would regenerate itself even if it was destroyed, but her flesh could be slain.

On the other hand, I had a lot of bodies.

There was no need to fear death.

I would show her an immortal fights.

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1 year ago

“Do you want to continue?”

He’s personally killed thousands of people, and is fighting someone he cares about most to achieve his goal. You’re a fool to question his resolve.