The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 267: The Sage Asks the Hero

The next swing destroyed my temporal region.

The blade smashed through and shattered my entire skull afterwards.

When I revived as another undead, I casted magic from where I stood.

It was a lightning strike imbued with miasma.

She approached me swiftly as she evaded the attack and stabbed my ribs.

From there, she slashed upwards and crushed my upper body.

My vision messed up but immediately returned to normal elsewhere.


I switched to another body and stood there without doing anything.

She quietly turned towards me from where she stood.

She was calm, an expression that didn’t seem to fit in with the fierce combat we were having.

As rain began to pelt more heavily, muddy spots littered the ground and made the terrain uneven.

However, her stance didn’t seem to falter at all.

In fact, her movements appeared to become even more refined over time.

Geez, this is troublesome.

I had already died dozens of times.

I was utterly overwhelmed by her swordsmanship and had to keep reviving to another undead body every time it happened.

I had rarely made use of this characteristic ever since I first became the Demon Lord.

It was because it rendered me unable to lose in battle.

Some enemies also made use of abilities that hindered the revival.

Therefore, I couldn’t revive myself in such a difficult situation.

However, it was my first experience dying this much in quick succession.

Needless to say, it didn’t feel good.

It was a sensation I wanted to avoid as much as possible.

As she lowered her sword, she spoke in a cold tone.

“Your movements turned simple. Stay focused.”


I stared at her blankly.

Before I knew it, I asked the question that had been sitting on my mind.

“Hero-sama… Do you intend to win?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m certainly in an inferior position. However, I would never perish. I have prepared many replacements here and I could still bring even more from elsewhere.”

So far, none of my attacks have managed to hit her properly.

As a result, I was killed many times.

However, the damage I suffered from those deaths was almost zero.

I merely felt a little tired and it was on a level that could simply be ignored.

“On the other hand, you are just a single human. Even the slightest wound could turn fatal. To achieve victory, you would need to defeat countless demon lords.”

Despite having attained anomalous strength, she was undeniably still a human.

She might possess transcendental swordsmanship, but that was all she had.

To completely kill me, she needed to annihilate every single undead in the world.

Which also included Grom, Doldar, and the director.

If the current amount wasn’t enough, the stock could easily be replenished by turning humans into new undead.

As a human, she would gradually become exhausted.

Meanwhile, she needed to continue killing the strongest Demon Lord all the while.

Therefore, victory was absolutely impossible for her.

My characteristic was the very definition of cheating after all.

It might appear to be a fair and square fight at first glance, but it actually wasn’t the case.

I was cowardly so I laid a lineup where I could definitely win.

I wasn’t an existence that could be defeated individually, and the same could be said even if she was the one I faced.

“I’m well aware it’s a tough battle. And despite understanding that, I’ve chosen to confront you.”

She asserted as if to dismiss my claim.

She definitely wasn’t just boasting.

The justice dwelling within her eyes still shone.

She pointed the tip of her sword at me.

“I am the hero. For as long as the evil Demon Lord reigns, I will continue to defeat him as many times as necessary. Without such determination, I wouldn’t carry such a mission.”

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1 year ago

The hero is just running away from the real problem. She has no idea how to fix anything about the world, so she’s just taking the easy route and saying: “You’re the demon lord, so I should kill you.”

I swear, if the story tries to pull the: “I was just testing your resolve, and I support you.” bs I’m gonna lose it…